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A medium-sized pile of sticks.
I have a faggot outside my house to asure I have kindling for my fireplace.
by uggson March 29, 2015
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Absolutely is a word used to make a sentance seem stronger. It is used to make things seem better and more extreme, and is used for both positive and negitive attitudes. The word refers to someone's opinion mostly.
Person 1: I think dictionaries and vocabulary is absolutely boring!
Person 2: No, it's absolutely fantastic!
by uggson March 29, 2015
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FSX (Microsoft Flight Simulator X) is the 10th release of Microsoft's Flight Simulator game. It includes many planes and ultra-realistic movements for the plane. It was originally realeased in 2006, and was very popular. However, it began to become out of date. Bugs, glitches and mistakes in the game became more frequent, so Microsoft decided to fix them, improve the graphics, add multiplayer and much more, and realeased the Steam edition which was published in 2014. The game includes over 24,000 airports mapped out throughout the world, realistic terrain and landscapes, and much more that you wouldn't even excpect them to remember to add to the game.
I bough FSX on Steam because it was 80% off a couple of days ago.
by uggson March 29, 2015
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Possibly the best sandbox game in the universe. Created in 2005 by Garry Newman for a little joke, as a Half Life 2 mod. Turned out a massive success and being published as an entire game to the Steam Store. It is one of the most popular games on Steam. It uses a modified Source game engine to run and allows you to do pretty much anything. Low system requirments, high fps, lots to do, easy to get mods, over 100,000 mods. Best game ever.
Kid: omg u shUd by minecraft u cn do anythg in it!!1!11!!!
Gmod Gamer: No young child, you cannot. However, you can do anything in Garry's Mod pretty much.
by uggson April 4, 2015
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British TV show launched in 1964 by the BBC with little hope of success, turned out being one of their most successful TV programs they had ever broadcasted. About a man (Time Lord species) traveling distant planets in a Spaceship called a Tardis, disguised as a 1960's London Police Box. The Tardis has the ability to change exterior and interior appearance, disapear and reapear in different locations, travel like a spaceship and travel back or forwards in time. The Doctor saves planets and galaxies without taking any credit, and if he gets so unlucky that he almost dies, he is happy to be a Time Lord, as he can regenerate. Regeneration takes him from one form of man to another, the process is loud and powerful and releases regeneration energy (Orange Glowing Dust) from their hands and head. The Doctor started off from a grumpy old man, to the savior of galaxies.
Doctor Who travels in his blue box through time and space.
by uggson March 29, 2015
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The worst trend that ever entered social media
Person 2: Are you fucking blind? It's gold.
by uggson June 8, 2015
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The most succesful unorginized social network in the world.
On Twitter I have to use an @ symbol to tag people, and it takes up part of my text allowance. What the fuck?
by uggson April 4, 2015
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