Abreviation of ryming slang (ex-Everton footballer Gary Ablett) ablett-tablet used in Liverpool to describe ecstacy tablets. Also called jablets
"these garries are boss mate!"
by Chenz April 13, 2005
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An intelligent lonesome individual who is the most friendliest and outgoing person socially.
Everyday was boring until I got a Garry in my life.
by itsasignabove June 25, 2017
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Racist term for asian migrants living in a western country.
Struggle with the local language with a thick accent. Often use an adopted 'western' first name and use their birth name as a middle name.
"Have you met the new garry's living in our street? Michael and Rebecca Chang are their names".
by fly spray April 18, 2006
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He is awesome

He is muscular and athletic but intelligent, he cares for other people and puts them before him and you would be extremely lucky to have a Garry.
He is so Garry
by xx/autisticnigger\xx June 09, 2018
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Garry Newman (@garrynewman on Twitter), is an original & key developer for a number of games for Facepunch studios. One of his more commonly known games "Rust" is his primary release for his artistic version of trolling in which he allows players to build up bases, hopes & dreams before crushing them all on a routine server wipe schedule. Whether animals, exploits, or hackers prepare your anus as you will inevitably be cucked.
1. Fucking Garry.
2. What the fuck Garry?!?
3. Good idea Garry! (Used as sarcasm in this sentence)
4. I was Garry'd. (Used as an adjective describing an event.)
via giphy
by firstHIT April 18, 2018
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A Garry is someone who has a big dick and loves to have sex. He has very big balls amd likes to nerf.
Hey my girl said i was bad in bed and that I should be a Garry
by Its nerf or nothing July 25, 2018
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