He is awesome

He is muscular and athletic but intelligent, he cares for other people and puts them before him and you would be extremely lucky to have a Garry.
He is so Garry
by xx/autisticnigger\xx May 26, 2018
A Garry is someone who has a big dick and loves to have sex. He has very big balls amd likes to nerf.
Hey my girl said i was bad in bed and that I should be a Garry
by Its nerf or nothing July 25, 2018
More than a pet, you're my best friend. Too cool to forget. Come back cause we are family.
this one is for you Garry
by dilf_lover December 12, 2021
Someone really good at sex and can please the opposite gender well
She is such a garry
by Somerand dickhead March 13, 2017
A Garry is a man who is married to a woman but is gay
That guy is clearly a Garry!
by Rbtt July 14, 2016
A Garry is someone who Thinks hes a alpha but has a crippling nicotine addiction garrys are often referred to as the alpha chads by the “Alex priests” garrys usually like to bully there pet bijoy or make them play fetch with illicit drugs in the school bathrooms. A Garry is someoje who doesn’t understand common boundaries often over stepping a line he thinks doesn’t exist he’s often followed around by a Crew of kids known as 30 not sure what it means but I’m sure you find out. As for a Garry you can’t want to be or become 1 but if you are born a Garry you are a Garry
Dude watch out garrys coming over he’s going to send his bijoy to sell us Drugs again!
That one guy who is ugly and doesn't have much friends but is funny.
"He is such a Garry"
by Grand Boi February 13, 2018