Abreviation of ryming slang (ex-Everton footballer Gary Ablett) ablett-tablet used in Liverpool to describe ecstacy tablets. Also called jablets
"these garries are boss mate!"
by Chenz April 13, 2005
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An intelligent lonesome individual who is the most friendliest and outgoing person socially.
Everyday was boring until I got a Garry in my life.
by itsasignabove June 25, 2017
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He is awesome

He is muscular and athletic but intelligent, he cares for other people and puts them before him and you would be extremely lucky to have a Garry.
He is so Garry
by xx/autisticnigger\xx June 09, 2018
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Racist term for asian migrants living in a western country.
Struggle with the local language with a thick accent. Often use an adopted 'western' first name and use their birth name as a middle name.
"Have you met the new garry's living in our street? Michael and Rebecca Chang are their names".
by fly spray April 18, 2006
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A Garry is someone who has a big dick and loves to have sex. He has very big balls amd likes to nerf.
Hey my girl said i was bad in bed and that I should be a Garry
by Its nerf or nothing July 25, 2018
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