Doctor Who is a Time Lord, from the planet Gallifrey

Although he physically resembles a human, as a Time Lord his physiology is different.

Like other members of his race, he has two hearts, he can go without breathing for a period of time, and has greater strength and stamina than humans.

When a Time Lord suffers a mortal injury, illness, or old age, they have the ability to regenerate which give them extremely long life spans.
"I'm a Time Lord"


"Thats what my race is called"
by Stefani Bigaran August 23, 2005
A time Lord is a being of Gallifreyan origin who has two hearts and when near death can physically change all bodily features. Contrary to popular belief Time Lords do not look like Humans. Humans look like Time Lords. They Came First.
The Doctor from the hit BBC television show is a Time Lord.
by ŚPASTIC FRIDGE January 11, 2015
1. A contemptible person, possibly with ultimate control over time and space.

2. A desirable person of either gender, again, possibly with ultimate control over time and space.
1. Begone, you vile Time Lord!

2. Goodness, that maiden appears to be quite the Time Lord
by Wackus August 9, 2006
An alien from a show called doctor who, who has 2 hearts, travels around in the tardis saving worlds and destroying aliens
Yo that time lord destroyed the dalek race
by Atmosphere_yt April 11, 2019
Anything that seems to be bigger on the inside. Ref: The Doctor's TARDIS, which, while from the outside looks to be a simple phone box, actually is a time-and-space-traveling ship which includes but is not limited to a control room, a wardrobe room and a swimming pool.
Guy, watching incredulously as a Girl rummages in purse, digging out a wallet, a book, two tubes of lipstick, several hair accessories and a phone: "All that stuff fit in your tiny pocketbook?"

Girl: "Yeah. Time Lord Technology"

Guy: "Oh right...bigger on the inside"
by Veranda Collingwood January 3, 2011
A genre of music given a name by Alex Day (nerimon on YouTube) in 2008, who was inspired by what was happening with Wizard Rock (Wrock). Time Lord Rock is commonly referred to as Trock. Time Lord Rock is music that is inspired by the long-running BBC Television Program, "Doctor Who" and "Doctor Who" actors David Tennant and Matt Smith are known to enjoy the founding band, Chameleon Circuit.
Matt Smith himself approves of Chameleon Circuit's song "Big Bang Two," a Time Lord Rock song based on the season five finale of "Doctor Who".
by Flikety January 30, 2012
Time Lord Rock is first and foremost AWESOME! xD
Inspired bt the TV series Doctor Who...yadda yadda yadda

Chameleon Circuit is the first Trock band consisting of Littleradge (Liam), Nerimon (Alex), Charlieissocoollike (Charlie) and...the other one :$

Blink from the album Chameleon Circuit is a Trock song. It is beast. It is TIME LORD ROCK!