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Doctor Who is a Time Lord, from the planet Gallifrey

Although he physically resembles a human, as a Time Lord his physiology is different.

Like other members of his race, he has two hearts, he can go without breathing for a period of time, and has greater strength and stamina than humans.

When a Time Lord suffers a mortal injury, illness, or old age, they have the ability to regenerate which give them extremely long life spans.
"I'm a Time Lord"


"Thats what my race is called"
by Stefani Bigaran August 22, 2005
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A time Lord is a being of Gallifreyan origin who has two hearts and when near death can physically change all bodily features. Contrary to popular belief Time Lords do not look like Humans. Humans look like Time Lords. They Came First.
The Doctor from the hit BBC television show is a Time Lord.
by ŚPASTIC FRIDGE January 11, 2015
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A type of alien from the planet gallifrey. When injured badly they can regenerate, but regenerating causes them to change face and body. They look like humans. They have two hearts. They can live forever. They have a maximum of 12 regenerations. They can only be killed if you fight them while they are regenerating. Timelords are now almost extinct. There is only one Timelord left. His name is The Doctor. They are very intellegent and are usually seen travelling around in a TARDIS (time and relative dimensions in space)
Person 1: That person has two hearts did you know that
Person 2: Hey, is that a TARDIS they just stepped out of?
Person 1: Yes, i think it is
Person 2: They must be a Timelord
by Kitinelli July 27, 2013
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An alien from a show called doctor who, who has 2 hearts, travels around in the tardis saving worlds and destroying aliens
Yo that time lord destroyed the dalek race
by Atmosphere_yt April 10, 2019
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A pompous and pretentious elderly person, often with a respected position in society such s judge or headmaster.

Derived from characters in the BBC TV series Dr Who. Time Lords appear human, but differ from them in many respects. They are extremely long-lived. An alien in the episode School Reunion describes the Time Lords as "a pompous race" of "ancient, dusty senators... frightened of change and chaos"
That timelord wouldn't know the difference between Dr Who and Dr Dre
by DensityCalibrator May 12, 2007
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A person who always keeps track of time and is able to feel the flow of time and also determine how old is something by apperence or taste.
by y.cole June 10, 2011
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