Gmod is a modification of the source engine used to make several games, including Half Life 2. Some guy named Garry got bored one day, and probably thought he'd make a pimptacular game of all the nifty and fun things we loved most about Half Life. Since then, people have used his mod to create an ever-expanding archive of games and mini-mods to keep us glued to our computers at all hours of the day!

Fuck girlfriends and jobs, we have GMOD.
Gmod is short for Garry's Mod.

"Lol I <3 Gmod"
by JeffFREAK May 17, 2006
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a really good game.

(this is my first urbdic definition. hello community.)
person 1: yoo have you tried gmod?
person 2: yea fam that shit good
by gmod fan May 04, 2021
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A Famous GMOD guy, he usually stays his PC on 24/7
If you don't know who is he, quit gmod

CapsAdmin has his own server called "Meta Construct", metaconstruct has alot of capsadmin's self made addons like PAC3 (Player appearance customizer) and such. hopefully, this server is not your average gmod server, it's not DARKrp or some bullshit, it's serious business, if you join here, you should know what you are doing.
You can get developer (Some sort of admin-like thing) if you know to code LUA, but the only owners are Phyton1320 and CapsAdmin
DONT Beg for Owner, or Developer, just make some good lua, and maybe they will accept you in, they got lots of Developers already

Meta Construct #1

Meta Construct #2
gmod capsadmin capsadmin gmod
by Gangster is not Mafia August 19, 2013
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A large group of people that have a stupid person a racist a cool person a pill a sign and more
Person1: hey do you like the Gmod office
Person2:yeah I like them
Person1: die retard
by FernGmod June 12, 2021
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A person that is thrown, or enters by ragdolling in a completely lifeless manner, as if it had really unrealistic joints and exaggerated weight, breaking everything it hits. It's usually followed by sliding along the ground with Thud and Flesh_drag sound effects from Half Life 2 or other Source titles.

If a person instantly dies from a hard hit and gmod ragdolls away, it can also have it's body replaced with the model of a coffin, with the voice of a big, bald, russian guy saying "DED." from an unknown source.
She slapped her husband so hard he gmod ragdolled over the desk.

Scout won the gmod ragdolling competition just by using his double jump.
by Flaros Overfield September 07, 2019
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One of the best Youtube series there are out there. It is made by DasBoShitte.

Main Characters:

Dr. Hax: The profound and crazy doctor of the show who destroys all hackers of any kind.

Chuckles: He is the one, at the beginning of the show, to cheat the most, thus becoming Dr. Hax's #1 target. He later strays away from his cheatful ways.

G man: The lawyer guy that everybody should know about.

Lois: A main character in Left4Dead, he is highly obsessed with pills and will do anything for them

Francis: Another Left4Dead character. He hates Lois and is very obnoxious. He is part of the show "Everybody Loves Francis".

There are more that are unnamed or from Left4Dead too!
This series is VERY worth seeing!
A quote from the Gmod Idiot Box:

G Man: I want Breakfast.

Man behind counter: Well...I'm really sorry

G Man:......Well, I'm really sorry *pulling out gun* t-

Random Man: HE'S GOTTA GUN!


G Man: HEY, hey, it's okay, alright, just, just sit down, now ya gotta have your vegetables, vitamins and whatno-
*Gun starts shooting randomly everywhere*

G Man: IT'S AN ACCIDENT, It's an accident, the trigger, it's sensitive, it's*looks at everybody dead*

G Man: Ummmm, can I have my breakfast now?

Headless man behind counter: *flicks him off*
by The one above all December 25, 2009
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