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Somebody that only likes music that is mainstream and will probably just get worn-out soon. A person that usually just follows trends. Mainstreamers don't always have a lot creativity to listen to underground material.
Mainstreamers: Wow this extremely popular and over-advertised new music album rocks!
by Maryanne Goff April 05, 2007
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Someone who loves all the Big songs on the radio and the person cannot name any songs by their favorite band of that week, apart from the big chart hit
a main streamer is anyone that claims how you remind me is their favorite nickelback song
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One who follows current trends. This term is most often applied to one who listens to popular music (played on the radio and MTV), usually with negative connotations.

Many people who refer to themselves as members of the so-called underground believe that mainstreamers are tasteless and brainwashed by popular mass media; if something is well known or popular, it is automatically "lobotomized corporate claptrap". Though this can be true, there are many exceptions. Mainstream music fans, on the other hand, believe that little to no media exposure for a band means that the band sucks. Other people, who like what they like whether it's popular or not, consider both groups to be douchebags for denying themselves potential enjoyment for a goofy image complex that they won't give a crap about when they have to get a job and move out of mom's basement.
1. Haha, that mainstreamer bimbo just said that Britney Spears is one of the world's most talented artists! What a retard.

2. Hey man, I just burned a great Metallica CD... but Metallica is a household name, and you only listen to "underground metal", so you won't like it despite the fact that they'll always blow your little Cannibal Corpse, Opeth, Zao, Killswitch Engage and Lamb of God away. Too bad for you.
by Chernorizets Hrabr September 09, 2006
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A term created by people who have a need to feel different from everybody else, yet cannot without finding a derogatory term for people who listen to the radio. There is a reason the bands that "mainstreamers" listen to are on the radio, because they appeal to a larger audience. At one time, the bands on the radio were less well known. They weren't just born famous, they worked their way up to being on the radio and successful. What happens when the underground bands that others listen to finally get on the radio? Do they become "mainstreamers" too? Or do they immediately hate the band and move on.
Hey, look at that guy listening to System of a Down, what a mainstreamer.

I know, we are totally different from him. Let's go cut ourselves.
by Anonymous June 18, 2006
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a usually preteen punk poser who worships the music played on the radio.(green day, coheed and cambria, 311, my chemical romance)They have no need for underground bands and watch MTV for hours hoping to see their favorite band onTRL.
John:i hear sean's playing "American Idiot" for talent show.
Ken:He's such a mainstreamer.
by nasera January 01, 2006
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A member of a popular croud with no soul, usually found at a middle school or highschool. They have zero taste in music or movies, they use these things as a way to get more popularity. They make tee-shirts that say "(insert event here) is life" or "I Heart (insert event here)" usually the event would be viewed as uncool so they get a large group of people to pretend it's cool so that they can all feel cooler.

anyone with a soul hates mainstreamers except for the head mainstreamer because they have control of the entire mainstream body
Dang those dumb mainstreamers made stupid bowling t-shirts and bragged about it for ever.

GOD DAMN, he sold out to the mainstream.!!!
by level -20 mainstreamer August 20, 2006
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1. Any outsider or member of a sub culture that is willing to do anything to be accepted and be identified as mainstream.
2. A member of a sub culture whose natural likes lean toward mainstream tastes.
Dude, I saw Tyrone, the other day at the Ratchet Club chatting up some debutantes. I didn't know he was a mainstreamer.
by Goldenboy62 January 27, 2011
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