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The slows is that time of the day when you get a serious and sudden case of sleepiness. It is difficult to even breathe when you get the slows; and you usually must remedy it by consuming caffiene or sugar, or by possibly closing your eyes for a small nap.
"I have the slows so strong, girl, that I must drink a massive cappacino and eat a chocolate bar, or I might slip into a walking coma. "
by thegirlDJ August 06, 2007
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1. Lovers knocking into each other when in a rush to get both of their pants off to proceed with a hot make-out session.
Attempting to get their pants off quickly during the passionate heat of kissing on the boat, Sebastian and Nicollete were eagerly bumping zippers.
by ThegirlDJ October 03, 2007
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Linked to the definition of hard-stop; its a condition known to two lovers who know they have met their one true soulmate love of their life, and will look no further. The will eventually marry this person and live happily ever after.
"When I met her, I knew she was my heart-stop."
by thegirlDJ August 07, 2007
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The phlegm and clogging inside your throat or nose that you may be trying to spit out, hereby making the horkidge noises to remove said phlegm. Sometimes the result of eating dairy products such as ice cream, or the common cold.
"Elaine sure has alot of hork-idge from eating that malt, that sound she makes is so narly."
by thegirlDJ August 06, 2007
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Similar to "dropping a duece". Its where you sit down on the toilet to have a poo , but it may take awhile, so you typically bring in work to do like a laptop or a book or magazine; and since you don't want to divuldge that you're crapping when someone calls you, you tell them that you're having a sit-down meeting instead.
"Hey Dude, how's it going?"
"Cool, man. I'm just having a sit-down meeting and I'll call you back."
by thegirlDJ August 25, 2009
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Similar to making out, but the next step of passion stronger. Not going all the way.
"With other guys it was just making out; but with him, we definetely
by thegirlDJ November 23, 2008
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