Hey Dude was a show on Nickelodeon from 1989-1991. It was set at the fictional Bar None Dude Ranch in Arizona. It's focus was on the predicaments that the teens and the ranch owner, Mr. Ernst, got themselves into. It was a great show to watch growing up and is missed by many.
"It's a little wild and a little strange...
when you make your home out on the range.
So, start your horse and come along.
'Cause you can't get a ride if you can't hold on.
Singin' yippee kai aie ay. (Yippee kai aie what?)
Like the cowboys say. (Sing it again now.)
Yippee kai aie ay.
'Till the break of day.
(You'd better watch out for those man-eating jackrabbits... And that killer cacti!)
Hey Dude!"

- Theme from "Hey Dude"
by mikey -sta- May 26, 2005
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A turd left floating in the toilet bowl with a note, inscribed "hey dude", pinned to it with a toothpick. Used as a greeting of sorts between roommates.
"Not cool man, my girlfriend came home to surprise me at lunch and got the 'hey dude' you left."
by sillyjordo December 13, 2009
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when an under aged kid walks up to a 21 year old and above to ask them to buy beer for them
"No im not hey duding for you" 22 year
"Come on i just i want a case of bud light" 15 year old
by Robert Walters January 2, 2008
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An extremely friendly greeting used by an extremely wasted but non-belligerent drunk. May be used to greet friends, strangers, policemen, trees, and imaginary objects. Often used in conjunction with pretty much.
Alex: "Hey dude!"
You: "Who the fuck are you and why did you just run into that tree?"
by double-a November 25, 2006
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similar to that guy but not quite .. a hey dude generally starts and ends every sentence with dude .. aka tool ..
whos that hey dude that bitch is with ..
dude thats my brother :\
by secks August 11, 2003
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age-old bit of classic school boy doggerel sung to the tune of The Beatles 'Hey Jude'.
Hey Dude, I saw you nude
don't try and fake it,
I saw you naked.
The moment that you went out streaking,
I was at my window -
- peeking.
by Virgin Suicides October 6, 2017
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