Having a shit
Mike: where's Dave
Bill: in the bathroom dropping a duece
Mike: I hope he flushes it
by hhgff May 29, 2015
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"Hurry up and get out of the bathroom, I gotta drop a duece real bad!"
by diskid November 11, 2003
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Give me the keys to the bathroom, I need to drop a duece; (past tense)Don't go in there, I just dropped a nasty duece.
by J January 24, 2004
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"Yo man, I can't believe how much I ate. Hurry home I gotta drop a duece."
by B 2 the Y June 26, 2006
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v.Shit. Do a number 2. crap, etc.
Hey Andrew, be with you right after I drop a duece!
by J & A September 3, 2006
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Its what someone says when then need to take a crap.
"damn that food hit me hard, i need to go drop a duece"
by Brandon T September 6, 2006
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the act or an instance of taking a shit or performing the "number 2".
Sorry I couldn't get to your phone call last night. I was on the crapper blowing out my ass and dropping the duece.
by royale11 July 15, 2008
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