is equal to 24 hours of the day divided by phi (1.618...)

24 hours / 1.618 = 14.83312731767614 hours

or 14 hours and 49.9876390605686 minutes

or about 14:50 (2:50 p.m.)
girl - charlie brown see what time it is, please?

charlie brown goes and checks the time and then comes back and shows the time with his arms...

girl - ten minutes to three? is it phi time of the day? alright, thank you...
by luedriver November 15, 2010
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An idiom that refers to a baseline level of respect or empathy for another person. To "give someone the time of day" means you acknowledge them, while "not giving someone the time of day" implies that you think you're better than the other person and wouldn't even let them know what time it was if they asked, let alone talk or associate with them.
John wanted to date Susan, but she wouldn't even give him the time of day.
by soapergem September 26, 2008
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To acknowledge someone as human. Showing a bare minimum standard of respect towards someone. A level of respect someone who is a coke addicted, baby throwing, prostitute who owes you money for drugs that you sold them, could attain
Me: what's wrong?
Him: I just don't get why this girl won't give me the time of day
Me: maybe she's thinking about Elon musk memes
by Rathmagar October 14, 2019
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To salute someone, like a neighbor or an acquaintance. To acknowledge someone.
"He's so arrogant he won't even give the time of day".
by jumartinsfr June 13, 2014
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National Watch Good Time Day is celebrated on August 11, in celebration of the Safdie Brothers' masterpiece's release on that same day back in 2017.
"Hey, it's August 11. You know what that means? It's National Watch Good Time Day! Time to watch Good Time!"
by Safdiestan12 April 28, 2020
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A day to remember all the mfs who wasted yo time
National wasted my time day (oct. 6): a day to remember all of the mfs who wasted your time!
Her: hi I haven’t seen you in so long

Him: I was just thinking of you
Her: really *blushing*
Him: yeah I thought of you on National wasted my time day
by Magoozel October 6, 2021
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