It came about in the 70's during the disco era. Back then we boogied all night long.
Boogie down at the disco; boogied all night long; I've got the boogie fever
by I was there! August 14, 2016
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The Scottish equivalent of "booger". Pronounce (bo-gie)
Aeeee! you ate your boogie
by B.P.S July 8, 2017
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synonymous with spliff - a handrolled mixture of tobacco and marijuana. a combination of 'bogie' and 'doobie'.
lets roll a boogie?

no, i'd rather roll a joint. i don't like to have my dessert with my dinner.
by katie katherine July 28, 2010
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A gathering of skydivers that results in jumping out of various types of aircraft, partying, nudity, and all kinds of intoxicating beverages (after the beer light is turned on, of course).
The Chicks Rock Boogie was amazing this year.
by B!tchBoyShooter October 13, 2010
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A word formulated in the late 60's and through out the 70's as a term used to dance to disco music.
"Hey thats ABBA playing, let's get down and Boogie!!"
by Blunite5454 December 15, 2007
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Something gangsta's do, they dont dance they boggie
by AC December 8, 2003
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used to describe something or somebody incredibly uncool; to be lame, square, or wack
Eric boogie ass doesn't ever pick up his son anymore.
by SJCarpeDiem December 12, 2010
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