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A natural disaster that helps strengthen social cohesion among the people in a society, as it exposes the best side of the human spirit—when victims help each other rebuild their lives after much destruction and loss of lives.
An earthquake, a hurricane, or a tsunami is worth a thousand political slogans, which artificially urge different ethnic or religious groups to live in harmony—and ironically people in multiracial countries like Singapore would be socially more united if they're visited by some natural calamities in their lifetimes.
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by MathPlus September 06, 2017
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An temporary alliance formed between the ocean and the sky with the goal of killing people. The ocean's ability to attack the land is limited, so it lends the sky some of its water and energy so it can assault people farther inland then it normally could.
Hurricanes are far more powerful then the storms the sky creates on its own. They are just another reason the ocean must be destroyed.
by Ocean Truth Society April 21, 2005
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restart button for your house
varies by category
*hurricane swoops fence off*
bob: hmm, i always wanted to buy a new fence
by Devourox August 30, 2008
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A severe Tropical Storm which forms in the ocean over warm water. Maximum sustained winds that accompany a hurricane are 74 mph and up. The worst part of the hurricane is the eyewall, where the fiercest wind is.
Hurricane Ivan devastated Gulf Shores, Alabama in September of 2004.
by KoritheMan July 06, 2005
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An annual event thrown by the Gamma Chapter of AGS. The event usually includes a copious amount of alcohol and a killer good time. The event usually contains attractions such as water slides, a pond, and yard games. A must-attend event for sororities.
Him: "Hey you should come to Hurricane!"
Her: "OMG, I went last year and loved it! I will definitely come again."
by apz2016 May 30, 2018
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