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(n.) the language used by people who cannot type quickly and efficiently (or properly, for that matter) and therefore resort to making fools out of themselves.
iLuVsOcCuR: omg i wuz lyke tlkn 2 chris an he wuz lyk omg ur so hott
pRePgUrL: omgz u meen chris frm ur sci clas
iLuVsOcCuR: ya him hes so hott
pRePgUrL: omg ya tel me wat ahppnd tehn
iLuVsOcCuR: hes lyk do u wnat 2 go out w/ me
iLuVsOcCuR: i lyk dyd
iLuVsOcCuR: omgomgogmogm i kno rite
pRePgUrL: ogmogmogmoomg tahts amazng waht did u say
iLuVsOcCuR: ogmz i sed yes of cors!
pRePgUrL: lol lol lolzzz

Me: Wow. the term idiotspeak...
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That annoying language used by people who cannot type properly.
lykomgwee: lyk ur sooo kewl... i dno wut i wld do w/o u!
IntelligentEnglishSpeaker: ::blink:: Why do I attract blithering idiots?
by taintedmemoriesx July 13, 2004
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The language of idiots throughout the globe.
Idiot: Whad he sey?
G: Let me translate that into idiotspeak for you: Doy, doy, doy, duh... uhh... whatever!
by theauthormarkwilkins February 16, 2017
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What he said.

Possibly derived from "newspeak", a fictional (thank God) language of George Orwell's 1984. Newspeak specializes in the deletion of "unnecessary" words, making it a language for idiots.
Shut your idiotspeak and talk in English.
by miso December 05, 2003
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A sorry excuse for speech cultivated by teenagers, haxors, and rap/hip-hop artists. Also known as Ebonics or Modern Slang.
Idiotspeak consists of disgusting phrases/words such as:
holidae inn
right thurr (?)
anything with -izzle on the end
gimme what you got for a porkchop
any of Jay-Z's or Ja Rule's recent travesties against music
fin to
we be
I is
you is
by Shawn B. November 28, 2003
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1. Moronic variants of common vulgarities, such as friggin', shiot, biotch, etc. (Sometimes incorrectly referred to ghetto slang).

2. Moronic concoctions that pass as language in systems such as "rap ebonics". "Fo' shizzle my nizzle," and all its relative -izzle cognates are idiot speak.

3. Any locution of George W. Bush, or any other Republican.
1. "That friggin' biotch ate my friggin' shiot," said Dellas, referring to her missing homework. After giving her a good beating, the teacher forbade her to use such idiot speak.

2. Snoop Dog regularly uses idiot speak.

3. The State of the Union address for 2003 was nothing but idiot speak.
by Jacon (jay-son) August 24, 2003
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