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Yet another racial term for a black person
Did you just see that schvoogie dunk that basketball?
by teabag April 21, 2006
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Ironically the title of a book written by Starr Jones
I was at the bookstore and saw a picture of Starr Jones on the cover, and next to her picture was the word "Shine", you think someone would have told her...
by teabag January 10, 2006
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To play defense when playing pool. This is done by knocking your balls in front of pockets, knocking the cue ball in a bad spot, or knocking an opponents balls in to bad spots. Ususally done when behind or when playing a superior player. See nigger pool
I can't believe he played ghetto pool at the familiy reunion.
by teabag September 22, 2006
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Member of the animal kingdom that gave the ultimate payback to Steve Irwin. The gators and snakes will forever owe it.
by teabag September 7, 2006
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Degenerate gambler, whoremonger, and boozer. Was also is some crappy movies. Let me sum him up in 2 words..My hero
Artie lange, in Vegas, during March Madness...I'm there
by teabag March 28, 2005
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The male definition of cockblocker is to sabatoge another guys chance of scoring with a chick. This concept was foreign to me until going out on occasion with my college roommates friends.

While one guy was is the bathroom, another guy would tell whatever girl was there things like... its a shame he has been unemployed for 3 years..... rough deal with that restraining order.... he doesn't pay his child support for his 4 kids........he is changing his colostomy bag...it wasn't his fault he caught herpes..... Stuff to that effect.. The girls wouldn't say anything when the guy comes out of the bathroom, the guy of course doesn't score.. then they never even tell the guy that was in the bathroom what they said to the girls.....

Shit is reprehensible..
Steve was a cockblocker when he told the bartender Paul was out on parole when he was in the shitter
by teabag September 12, 2007
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After getting caught filming other teams signs, the Pats changed their name to the New England Stealers
by teabag October 1, 2007
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