in naval terms a prison - sums up the place well! full of crack heads and chav scum
'lock them up in the Brigg'
by vikki-cd August 20, 2006
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A person who is revered (and usually cheered/applauded) by others as a result of the intensity of his amazingness.
*'Briggs' walking along*
Kid 1: BRIGGS! *clapping*
Kid 2: He's too cool *falls over and dies from a heart attack*
Briggs: *Looks down at kid on ground* Shhh....
by Tom from bermy February 27, 2008
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(verb.) The act of purchasing all condoms (or other contraceptive devices) in ones area and then promptly discarding them, leaving only the wrapper (which will be used for the purposes of deception leading to chicanery and tomfoolery). Named for one of the great Pioneers of the field.
"Yo man, I just Briggs'd that chick. She really thought I had a condom on."
by elsickofreako September 05, 2016
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A joke of a town, home of only those who partake upon Mickey Mouse degrees, such as American Studies.
"See that boy Sunny... He's a right Brigg."
by howabe November 03, 2004
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Pride of England. Home of the mighty Brigg town.
I am a brigg ( I am a God) bow down and worship me!
by Sunny Bhatti November 04, 2004
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