The best day out of every month. The best fourth of all is the fourth of January. The second best would be that of July.
"Hey, it's the 4th of May!"
"Wow, can't believe it's the 4th again!"
"It's the 4th! I love you Justin!"
by C-Belle May 4, 2012
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It's 4
With a th
What are you doing looking this up?
Look up something beneficial to your life, god damn.
Its the 4th of July
by Jakey boo July 24, 2014
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The day that all the angels have arisen. If this is your birthday, something big is coming up. Your going to love the new change.
“Oh she/he was born on January 4th? Shiiitttt their lucky, their gonna have something big coming in the future.”
by Ur maddaaa October 16, 2019
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People born on this day are better than literally everybody else and they are the sexiest most intelligent and interesting people on the planet. They are bowed down to and considered Kings/Queens.
People born on March 4th are incredibly sexy.
by Kenz!3 October 19, 2019
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The wall (in theatre) that is seperating the crowd and the actors. it is usally broken when the actors interact with the crowd.
Bob: what do you guys think?
Steve: Bob, quit breaking the 4th wall!
by Samsoy March 28, 2010
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The day a beautiful person was born is April 4th
Your lucky to have someone born in April 4th
by Bella bok October 28, 2019
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The day the most beautiful human was born. A queen. A legend. This day is a special day.
Omg today is August 4th! Let’s celebrate!!
by Haley Frank April 12, 2019
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