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The leftover excrement that is found hanging on a persons anus hair.
Jills arse was dirty because she had alot of cleg nuts.
by Stu January 06, 2004
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The term used when someone of the male persuasion throws their freshly worn underwear right in another person's face.
After a long day of work, Mario came home and gave his wife a dick pie.

From the movie "Angus":
Troy Wenberg-"Now that's what I call getting a slice of the ol' dick pie"
by Stu March 14, 2004
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a dirty paedophile who likes to indulge in molesting malnourished and underdeveloped clits, belonging to small girls
you sick bastard, get your hand off of that baby's vaj u small bean regarder
by Stu February 07, 2004
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A name you call someone who needs to be quiet.

Chatta - F*&k up!
by Stu October 27, 2003
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Big ass truck. Y'know, one with 18 wheels?
For those of you who invented this language, an H.G.V. with a total of 18 tyres.
'Yo, d'ya see the Kenworth T600 18 Wheeler with all them chicken lights? That rig was PIMPED, dog!'

'Yeah man, driver said he were hauling a load o' democrats to Tex-ass, said they needed them real bad down there to stop the Texans breeding assholes like George Dubbya'
by Stu January 27, 2005
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Abbreviaton of V.F.R. - Honda's wonderful V-four crotch-rocket. A good combination of sports bike and tourer.
Even though it has an engine half the size of a hog, that Viffer still whipped that Harley in the Traffic Light Grand-Prix.
by Stu January 27, 2005
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a stupid self help book that every freshman in hs has to read and listen to lectures about. it is amazingly redundant, all the lessons are common sense and we've been taught them all through our life. the author is really rich now because his book sold a bazillion copies, purchased by pathetic people with issues & no life.
guy-Sean, stop reading the 7 habits of highly effective teens, it's dumbing you down!

sean-But we have to pass this class to graduate.

guy-6 mnths ltr sean is stupider than he already was. dont buy this book people.
by stu March 05, 2004
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