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a way to stop from drowning
My boat sunk, so i started to swim
by Stu August 22, 2003

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Micro, short for micro managing. Used in rts (real time stratagy games), where the user has to control many induvidual units, giving each specific directions.
Uber, meaning over, above or dominant.
If someone has uber-micro, they are adept at managing units, and therefore, can own noobs.
I just got owned in Zero Hour, that guy had ubermicro
by stu March 28, 2005

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Stu is the name of a cocky bastard who has good reason to be cocky.
Girl "Stu why are you so cocky"
Stu "I am not cocky I am just confident"
Girl slides down Stu’s pants
Girl "Oh that’s why"
by Stu August 18, 2004

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stuff that you snort
by stu March 18, 2003

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Vaginal Fart
When i was having sex with my girl, she queefed all night long.
by Stu November 16, 2003

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A word used to describe something that is not good.
Fuck me, I lost my right testicle! That is shithouse.
by stu December 04, 2002

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aka Muff diving, licking a woman's cunt.
I want to give her cunnylingus
by Stu November 28, 2003

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