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The personification of the verb "to lick a cock".
You fucking cocklick.
by ManualFoetusPuppetShow June 12, 2004
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one who has been known for licking penis, or just another term used when calling someone a creative word for being a douchebag
Man, he was being such a cocklick last night when he said that about me
by Professor Martin Fucktard February 13, 2009
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Jesse Arquette is such a Cock Lick,he is always trying to lick my cock, what a fuckin dumbass.
by sisco69 July 21, 2008
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Something to look for in a man if one enjoys giving head.
My name actually is Stacie and I seek out cocklicks.
by Stacie June 02, 2004
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to be a lil bitch to whope some ones ass in halo
"Cody why are you being a god dam clock lick bitch"?
by derek December 11, 2004
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