Indian Pussy. A cross between Punjabi and Pussy, this often hairy set of genitals if often subject to the act of Icing Of the Brownie, a somewhat culinary act of of spraying man-juice on Pooj
I once iced a Pooj........never again
by NOTJJ November 30, 2010
(Noun) A pooj is an elusive Indian. They absolutely refuse to hang out or respond to group chats for weeks on end. You may publicly shame them by yelling "POOJ" whenever they are near.
"Man, Srujan never hangs out to eat butter chicken"
"Yeah ofc, he's a POOJ"
by clinicaltonya March 15, 2018
A person of Indian decent. See also "Dirka Dirka"
"WOW Cindy, I just saw a congregation of Poojes! It smelled like curry!"
by Tobbydf November 28, 2007
a word invented by the two coolest people in the world about several years before other definitions were released. it was spotted as a joke in a word search. its REALLY means the same thing as "awsome!". similar to the word "snoogans".
wow, hot naked women are parading down my street. POOJ!
by Mr. winkles June 22, 2006
The sudden expulsion of gas from the anus resulting from the pumping action of a foreign object.
The tainted pooj left unwholesome dingleberries upon his pubis.
by James Schumacher Jr. February 15, 2009
the cheaper version of the famous colone brand 'Joop'. Originates from Turkey. Smells like sprouts and the inside of an ass..
"I just baught this Pooj from a Turkish man..wait a minute =o This isnt Joop! Its pooj!" dun dun duunn
by Kez April 5, 2005