19 definitions by squashi_mitsu

A "sexy" teacher at a certain high school in NZ who thinks he's so cool and hippity hop.
Ewww Robourghs flirting with you, man!
by squashi_mitsu May 7, 2004
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Generally means "Hell yeah" or really any form of slang word like that.
"Oh my god, that news is, like, so potatoes"
by squashi_mitsu August 13, 2004
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A stupid lame ass subject that makes no sense and that has no relevance to life outside school. Taught by mean, cruel, heartless teachers.
"Nooooo save me I have geography next period!!! Don't make me go!!"
by squashi_mitsu April 7, 2005
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A sound used for whipanging purposes. Used by whipangers. To whipang people.
Whipang!!! Whipang!!! Whipang!!!
by squashi_mitsu March 17, 2005
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Ok heres a correct definition. :P
1) To whipang someone means to slap them.
2) Whipang is the sound of a slap.
3) If someone is whipanged, they are shamed.
"Oooh whatch out, Patty might whipang you..."
"I think your ass just got whipanged!"
by squashi_mitsu April 16, 2005
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Nickname for someone when you can't remember their name
by squashi_mitsu December 6, 2003
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Something that a Jethro says a lot, also a Hicksville exclamation.
Hot diggity dam, Mary-Lou, look at that spikey haired lil girl!
by squashi_mitsu December 6, 2003
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