Something that is incredibly cool or awesome.
Friend 1: Look at that sexy ass truck over there.
Friend 2: Joe Dirt
by PhrozenData May 31, 2015
anyone with a mullet, plaid muscle-vest, john deere tracktor for a car, or someone who feeds there dog achohol. they are usualy uneducated, live in a trailerpark, and they may have a southern accent. basicaly another name for a redneck.
guy1: see that guy over there with the def lepard tattoo and mullet?
guy2: yah, what a Joe Dirt.
by LML Money July 16, 2010
So last night my sister came home and said she wanted a Joe Dirt.
by Beer Mixer3 March 15, 2011
The pseudonym and alias of White Trash Joe, or Joe Dankert.
"Hey have you heard from White Trash Joe today?"


"Oh, I mean Joe Dirt."

Oh yeah, WTJ is coming to the tailgate later with a 30.

by PabloEscobarNarcos March 27, 2019
A guy who is "wack", lame, trips over himself, smells like poop, has terrible style and no chance of getting a girl. Can also be referred to as a "Joe" or simple a "Dirt.
What the hell is that guy wearing?! What a Joe Dirt.
by APU JOE April 20, 2009
what you call some of the shittiest bud on earth. usually has a lot of seed and stem, is very brown and may have bugs.
person 1- yo, you got some dank?
person 2- no, my man was selling Joe Dirt this week. i need a new guy.
by mil0bitch June 28, 2011
Chris Bennet was Joe dirting his child when he found out it was a girl.
by Evan Hunt June 6, 2010