It's also known as the "ville." A suburban town in Nassau County. Though it is on Long Island, and Long Island is stereotypically super wealthy, this is not necessarily the case. Most of Hicksville is well-to-do, upper-middle class and middle class. The taxes are not that outrageous, but their pretty up there. There is a Latino and an African-American population, but it doesn't really mean much, cause it's no where near the majority...not at all. We are near Westbury, so there are Latinos. Most of the African-Americans are wealthy, and usually send their kids to Holy Trinity High School, a well recognized Catholic high school located in Hicksville. Girls will go running around in their Juicy Couture tracksuits, Abercrombie and Fitch sweatshirts, Hollister jeans, carrying their Louis Vuitton and Coach bags. This is the case for 85% of the females in Hicksville. The other 15% can think for themselves. Hicksville High School is very much known for their sports. Their football team and kickline team are absolutely amazing! As far as intelligence, let's just say, most of the kids go to college because of sports scholarships. There is a fairly large Indian population. There is a section of Hicksville, known as, "Little India," but it legit, takes up like two blocks. It really isn't anything. Hicksville has an Ikea, which is probably what it's most known for, and the Broadway mall. Everyone says they hate it, but it's really not that bad, especially now that a Hollister Co. has opened there. Teens of Hicksville are just basically superficial, uptight, high maintenance girls, jocks, and meterosexual males who know way too much about Reuhl and Abercrombie and Fitch. There is seven elementary schools in Hicksville, one middle school, and one high school. There are a lot of Catholic schools though. These include St. Ignatius, Holy Family, and Holy Trinity. Basically, Hicksville's a pretty chill place to live, and you never realize how much you miss it till you leave.

Random Facts:
Wendy's in Hicksville is amazing!
That huge parking lot is just simply amazing.
The train stop in Hicksville!
Lacrosse is a main sport in Hicksville.
As of 2007, the median income for a family in Hicksville is $108,880.
The racial makeup of the town was 84.56% White, 1.36% African American, 0.11% Native American, 9.04% Asian, 0.03% Pacific Islander, 3.05% from other races, and 1.84% from two or more races.
Just because Hicksville has the word, "Hick" in it, doesn't mean we're rednecks.
That's like saying someone from Queens is a, "queen."

Ashley: You wanna get fucked up tonight?
Jacklyn: Yeah, there's a sweet party in Hicksville tonight.
Ashley: Yeah, we should totally go.

Tom: MAN, Homecoming's this weekend. I'm like pumped for the game!

Victoria: Kickline practice has taken up my entire life!

Marissa: Let's chill at Broadway tonight.
Matt: EW.
Marissa: Shut the fuck up, we all know you love it.
Matt: Eh, true.

Oh yes, and world-renowned piano man Billy Joel grew up in Hicksville!

Hicksville rules, so shut it.
by hixchick123 November 19, 2008
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Hicksville. a.k.a. the ville.

In New York, there is Long Island, east of NYC. On Long Island, almost perfectly in the center, is the slowly-but-increasingly urbanized town of Hicksville. The best thing to come out of here was Billy Joel. (said the school nurse, i have yet to hear a billy joel song)We don't have a separate identity from anything else. Our only cultural outlet is New York City. I have to leave here. I have to get back to my birthplace, new york city.
"i can't wait to get out of Hicksville"
by SkAuHdaN May 26, 2005
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A town or small city lacking in culture and intellectualism. Can be found in any state in the USA and many countries, except those tiny states which are completely urbanized. Also known as East Bumblefuck, Bumfuck Egypt, Sticksville, Shitsville, Boondocks, Redneckville etc.
I grew up in Hicksville, Texas.
by LudwigVam January 3, 2004
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Something fromt he back woods country.

"Oh that looks so Hickvhille, A car on block's!

"That house is so Hicksville because it has 20 kids hanging out the window"

by Sicty Slicker March 31, 2009
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Generally used to describe Delware Township in New Jersey.
A place where electricity is only a myth.
Wow, you drive all the way here from hicksville?
by Matt Decker January 23, 2003
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A term used to desribe a town called Inglewood in NZ. Full of Hicks, bogans and Joe Dirt wanabees.
none needed
by squashi_mitsu December 6, 2003
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