I just can't deal.. This is too much... I'm stuck in a situation I can't get out of... I'm doing something that I love to do but need to stop (or take it easy) ;)
"Why can't I stop watching reality tv?? Save me!!"

" I just took three shots in a row.. Save me"

"My 15 year old sister told me she's had sex, SAVE ME!!!"
by JValentino November 14, 2014
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A song by ROY KNOX and Tim Beeren with Svniivan.
Genre: Brostep/Dubstep
The night has come, it’s got me loosing my control
Your light is gone, the lonely darkness fills my soul
I wish that you could Save Me
From my isolation
It’s way too complicated
Let’s stop this conversation
by Master Of Nations November 29, 2020
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When somebody is saved by someone and immediately ''falls in love'' with them. whether they end up having any chemistry or not and often end up ignoring any legitimate affection from other people in favor of whoever they are chasing. They may or may not get over it. Let's face it, they probably won
''Sara is really fawning over Jon.''
''Well he did save her from being hit by that car a while back. I think she just has a case of save me syndrome.''
by starcasme August 4, 2018
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When a guy or girl is out at the bars or a large party, and a creeper has attatched themselves with the hopes of getting laid, the guy or girl will give their friends the SAVE ME eyes
"I think we need to save Susan from that creeper dancing with her, she just gave me her save me eyes!"
by kandycane123 February 12, 2011
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A phrase used by Bronco's fans, late in the 4th quarter and down by two touch-downs. A combination of Tim Tebow and Jesus.
What? It's the 4th quarter and we're down by two touch-downs.

Save Me Tebus, Save Me Tebus
by i like pizza33333 December 18, 2011
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I am scared to shit alone at night please help me
Jesus christ please save me $4 off a taco bell meal, a coupon is preferred
by Big Cunt Swallower March 3, 2020
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