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a wise ass, generally a nebbish male trying to get over with a humorous, but usually feeble attempt to make someone else the butt of the joke. Wisenhemiers are usually called out and decsribed as such.
youz a f'in wisenheimer and you're gonna end up wit yer dick in yer mouth.
by snappy's February 2, 2008
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someone extremely proficient in the use of a penis.
He's a primo wangster.
She's a wangster machine.
by snappy's February 6, 2008
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verb: to spy on someone else, usually with video. private dick.
noun: someone who spies on someone else using video.
Derivation: Bill Bellichik, coach of New England Patriots
Hey dude, better watch out the old lady don't bellicheat ya while you're over at the girlfriend's.
Gotta be careful cause the old lady's got a bellicheat on me.
by snappy's February 5, 2008
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a shaved vagina. Derived from "grass won't grow on a racetrack."
The papparazzi got some pics of Brittany's racetrack.
by snappy's February 5, 2008
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not getting off in way too long...at least three days. A medical term used to convince a female to assist a male in ejaculating before his testicles get so engorged with fluid that they'll bust. Also sometimes used to describe the act of ejaculating.
Man, I'm gonna bust-a-nut if I don't get this taken care of soon.
by snappy's February 5, 2008
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