She is the most loyal & coolest girl u will ever meet. EVER. The sweetest & loves to cuddle. All the guys like & want her. Most females love to hate on her. Jealousy. she is down for u. You know how lucky you are. She will do whatever it takes or u ask. Beautiful inside & out. & she has got a a perfect face & the BEST biggest, sexiest BOOTY around. All other hands down. Don’t ever take her for granted, & count your blessing. One you don’t want to ever lose.
It’s Brittani, Bitch!!!
by NameSmith-Truth November 19, 2019
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Best girl in the world! She's selfish for one person and she hates people who touch him/her. She can be an angel or the devil. Overall the bestest girlfriend ever. She cares for you, she loves you, she can be popular. You would be blessed to have her as your friend. She's the most beautiful girl you would ever meet. This is Brittany.
Friend: Brittany is so amazing.

Me: yeah she's so beautiful.
by I love pandas May 23, 2017
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Brittanys are amazing. Although they may seem uptight around most people, Brittanys are fun to be around when they truly trust people (trust can be a rare thing for them). They have exotic features and lovely personalities. Many people disregard Brittanys as intelligent people, however it should be noted that Brittanys can be wise beyond their age and genuises in their feilds. Guys should know that Brittanys are the most amazing girls, and the only reason a Brittany will be single is because the guys she knows aren't good enough for her. Brittanys like polar opposites: vibrant cities or laid back beaches, freezing or tropical, edgy or boho, they are into everything. Brittanys are generally a force to be reconed with, they are unstoppable.
Person 1: Who's that girl? She looks spectacular...
Person 2: That's Brittany, I wish she was mine...
by Girl-a-Girl February 12, 2011
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A Brittany is someone who will seem extremely sarcastic and badass at first encounter..but underneath all that you'll discover a caring and very sweet individual. The true Brittany is full of humour and wit that will have you smiling non stop, but don't let a Brittany know that she's amazing because she will flat out agree 700% and you will witness firsthand how massive her ego is. Oh, and if you happen to get one to admit that she loves you, that will be the exact moment that you'll be captured for life and you will never be able to return to a life without a Brittany. You're in it for life once she makes that simple yet profound declaration. True story bro. Trust me on this. (Don't be afraid though because Brittany's are very wonderful humans to keep around for your entire existence.) if you have a Brittany in your life, consider yourself a winner. They are a specific species of human and they are absolutely wonderful.
Random person-"Aye bro..did you hear that she's has a friend named Brittany?"
Some other random person-"Yeah dude, she wins at life. I couldn't get her to even look at me."
Random person-"Hey now, don't take defeat, Brittany's tend to be very badass, they are hard to gain attention from."
Some other random person-"Hmm, I understand. Maybe I still have a chance to attain a Brittany in my life!!"
by You like how I describe it. November 6, 2014
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the ability to make people smile and laugh.
"I love your Brittaniness."

"Haha, that was funny, you have brittaniness!"

basically anyone with brittaniness is impossible not to love.
by jazmonstergaga April 10, 2010
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The perfect woman, she's beautiful, smart sexy. The ideal woman a man could have. She's goofy awkward, caring, the most loving woman a man could imagine. She is literal perfection. Any man that would skip her up or hurt her is literally the stupidest man alive. Of you could marry a girl like her you are beyond lucky. She is literally perfection in a woman's body. If you find her keep her and never let go. Marry that girl and have children with her. She will make your world to. Best imaginable heaven you could think of. She is the perfect beauty. The most beautiful body and person you could ever imagine having the chance of meeting.
by Jabbathetim December 14, 2014
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brittany is a fun loving outgoing person who is beautiful but doesnt except it any guy would be lucky to have her she is someone easy to fall in love with is very bossy but fun to be with many guys will be scared to express themselves to her in fear of rejection brittany is most likely to be loved right now and any guy would be lucky to have her in his life and he would be extremely lucky to have her in his arms next to him
she isnt very open but you can tell when shes sad but wont express it shes very childlike and playful but that just makes her more amazing she is most likely loved by many but there is one guy who loves her more then all the rest and he would do anything for her but doesnt know how to prove it at least not yet
i love you brittany and always will, your necklace is proof
by 08/31/2010 May 15, 2011
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