PRIMO actually means 'first' or 'top' as in 'first class' 'top choice'. From this word we get 'primary' or the single most. The confusion in its meaning comes when we start using it in context of a conversation; however, generally it means the best of what the conversation concerns. When used in the context of relationships or relatives... Primo refers to 'first cousin' or 'best friend'. In our drug-oriented culture 'Primo' refers to the supreme high associated with a marijuana cigarette or 'joint' rolled with cocaine added to the pot mix. In food, it refers to the top quality of ingredients and preparation as well as presentation of the meal. The same is true when referring to beverages or anything that the speaker wishes to give the highest praise. "That (whatever) is really PRIMO!"
"That (whatever) is really PRIMO!"
by AFRTS VET October 26, 2015
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A joint or blunt containing and a sprinkling of cocaine.
Don't you wanna smoke a primo?
by Angela Lines December 17, 2003
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1. (noun) A joint or blunt containing both marijuana and cocaine.
2. (adjective) To be of exceptional quality.
3. (noun) Spanish for cousin.
1. "I would roll a primo, but I don't want to waste any of my coke."
2. "The new paint job on my car is primo."
3. "My mother's brother's daughter is my primo"
by bezadllal December 1, 2006
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(Adj) When skateboarding, landing primo is when land on the side of your board. This usually ends badly and jams your wrist back.
Jerry attempted El Toro yesterday. He landed primo and sprained his wrist.
by unineff2000 October 8, 2014
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In spanish this literally means cousin. However can also be used to desribe a close friend.
Yo me and Ray we like family man. That's my primo right there.
by rick rude November 9, 2005
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