15 definitions by siff ess bee

The SIMPLEST shape of a star you could draw when you were a child.
The pentagrams in the sky look beautiful. I like pentagram.
by siff ess bee July 12, 2017
Key combination you would use if you see your old computer's blue screen.
Press ctrl+alt+del to restart your computer.
You will lose any unsaved information in all applications.
by siff ess bee July 29, 2017
1. White, sticky fluid that is fermented from milk.
2. The sperm shot out after you masturbated.
1. I like to add fruits to yogurt to make my milkshake.
2. I see yogurt on your pants. Did you masturbate?
by siff ess bee July 29, 2017
The bottom-left button with a windows icon. When you click it, the menu and options jump out in seconds.
Click the start button to find files, games, programs, etc or shut down your computer.
by siff ess bee July 4, 2017
Your last will you left when you decide to suicide.
I hate my life.
Life is bitch.
Goodbye cruel world.
by siff ess bee July 23, 2017
1. Quit the current program you're using.
2. Used to trick n00bs who are using the web.
1. Press alt+f4 to quit your browser.
2. Try Alt+F4 out! All of the texts on this webpage will magically disappear!
by siff ess bee July 28, 2017