Term used by videogame fans mainly to refer to the developers who are not owned by a 1st party and usually operate autonomously, such as Capcom or Electronic Arts, and by association the games they make.
Namco is a 3rd party.
by Eric Baker March 19, 2004
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Party other than Democrat or Republican in the US. Not relevant to mainstream politics. Voted for by idealists who lack the pragmatism gene.
Ross Perot, Ralph Nader, Greens, Constitution Party, Libertarians
by Truuth December 4, 2004
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When 2 people is fighting on a video game and someone else joins in
Nyasiah is 3rd partying
by Cedglizzy August 3, 2019
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When you sit on your hand until it’s numb and then give someone a handjob
Joe met Matt A. Joe was nervous af. He was sitting on his sweaty hands for an hour. They hit it off, and joe gave Matt the 3rd party. Matt loved it. Here’s how it went down:

MattA: “you’re hot”
Joe: “my ex wife wouldn’t like you saying that”
MattA: “neither would mine. How about a handy?”
Joe: “my hands are numb from sitting on them”
MattA: “sounds like a 3rd Party
Joe: “if I close my eyes, me or my ex wife will never know the difference”
MattA: “if I close my eyes, I can picture your ex wife”
Joe: -slaps MattA
by Amylaura June 3, 2018
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During a gay male 3some one partner finishes in the others anus, and the 3rd partner sucks out the cream.
To make partner at my law firm I had to do the 3rd party cannoli with both partners.
by Legal Duck September 24, 2013
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When you leave work and are still on the clock getting paid to go home or somewhere to fuck.
Jason is a 3rd party Gigolo leaving work on the clock to go fuck girl.
by Claudeguy April 14, 2017
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Two faced people are those actors and actresses of the human race who will show one face to a particular audience, and another face to another audience. The problem their audience have to deal with is they don’t know which face is real. It is a problem because, in real life, interacting with other human beings isn’t a theater act. Gossip and backstabbing have real consequences to the emotions and reputations of people.

But, before we judge, let us aim to understand. Why are some people two faced? One of the possible reasons is to keep friendship options open. A person may not like another person but doesn’t have anyone else at the moment. The two faced monster reveals itself when a third person comes along more suited to the monster’s personality and the old friend becomes expendable. I guess another way to put it is this: some people finish high school, and even graduate from college, and still manage never to grow up.
Another reason is an acquired aversion against confrontation and aggression. This is particularly true among many Asian cultures where confrontation is frowned upon and aggression is discouraged. Children are taught early in life to just ‘grin and bear it.’ Of course, by the time these children become adults, they are just about suffocating from the grinning mask they’ve had on for so long that they need an outlet. But as they’ve been reared to believe that confrontation and aggression is wrong, the outlet becomes talking behind other peoples’ backs.
3rd party monster
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd September 23, 2019
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