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Term used by videogame fans mainly to refer to the developers who are not owned by a 1st party and usually operate autonomously, such as Capcom or Electronic Arts, and by association the games they make.
Namco is a 3rd party.
by Eric Baker March 18, 2004
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When you sit on your hand until it’s numb and then give someone a handjob
Joe met Matt A. Joe was nervous af. He was sitting on his sweaty hands for an hour. They hit it off, and joe gave Matt the 3rd party. Matt loved it. Here’s how it went down:

MattA: “you’re hot”
Joe: “my ex wife wouldn’t like you saying that”
MattA: “neither would mine. How about a handy?”
Joe: “my hands are numb from sitting on them”
MattA: “sounds like a 3rd Party
Joe: “if I close my eyes, me or my ex wife will never know the difference”
MattA: “if I close my eyes, I can picture your ex wife”
Joe: -slaps MattA
by Amylaura June 12, 2018
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Party other than Democrat or Republican in the US. Not relevant to mainstream politics. Voted for by idealists who lack the pragmatism gene.
Ross Perot, Ralph Nader, Greens, Constitution Party, Libertarians
by Truuth December 04, 2004
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