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The belief that there is a massive worldwide conspiracy put forth by the vast majority of journalists, historians, doctors, scientists and teachers that can only be thwarted by a few plucky oil barons, corporate lobbyists and their billionaire allies.
Thank God for conservatism: people with financial interests against research and learning would never lie to me!
by Zotmaster December 06, 2018
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Conservatism is a political ideology or philosophy advocating in conserving a certian aspect of the present environment. Originally, this referred to Monarchists who support the French crown in the revolutions. Conservatism can mean many other views:

Social conservatism: Advocating no change of society's morals, even if current evidence confirms it's inaccuracy.

Fisical conservatism: Advocating rigid economic spending in order to conserve the nation's economy, from threats which could cause a collapse.

Tribal conservatism: Advocacy for keeping a hunter-gather lifestyle and against techno-progression.

Bioconservatism: Advocacy against new bio-technologies.

Wikiconservatism: New movement on Wikipedia, applying social conservatism to the encylopedia.

Neoconservatism: This new brand advocates for militant action moreso, in order to conserve the stability of the world. This advocates for economic spending on the military (contrast, Fisical conservatism).
I'm no fan of conservatism!
by Secular leftist October 21, 2005
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a political and social philosophy that promotes the maintenance of traditional institutions and supports, at the most, minimal and gradual change in society.
Conservatism is the opposite of Liberalism
by Amethyst Pendant March 06, 2011
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1) A psychological condition in which an individual's inability to deal with the existential anxiety of knowing life can be lived more freely and fully manifests as a set of political beliefs.

2) A conscious effort to prevent progress.
1) Monday night football, Wednesday night church, Friday night sitcoms: these were the ideals that stood tall in Karl's mind as he waddled into the ballot box.

2) "Intelligent design applies to social Darwinism too." said George, as he signed another bill in the proud spirit of his father's conservatism.
by Rufus Billingsworth November 11, 2005
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A cult of stupidity dedicated to making greed and bigotry moral virtues. According to the tenets of Conservatism, the interests of the rich and powerful should be protected at all costs by the government. Disciples of Conservatism believe that the poor and helpless should be kept in a state of ignorance using propaganda and fear of the Other (e.g., communists, immigrants, non-whites, terrorists).
Conservatism has stood in the way of all progress in the last 100 years.
by JEzScott August 16, 2009
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(unbiased definition)

Conservatism is a political philosophy that is used in politics trying to keep tradition and avoiding changes in countries. Conservatism is rightist, not far-right but definitely not leftist.
Liberal(believes in Liberalism): I told you, we MUST raise the tax for the rich!
Conservative(believes in Conservatism): How about we not do it?
by r1dfgamez December 17, 2018
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