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When one half of a couple become verbally aggressive at the other resulting in one partner withholding sex ultimately forcing the other to masturbate when aroused next.
"Yea, Amber won't give me any for the rest of the night...I yelled at her for no reason and now the pearly gates are closed... fap snap strikes again"
by shoffnee October 12, 2014
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Dropping one or multiple sugar cubes down the back of a mans pants in an exposed butt crack in hopes the sweat and hair create a griddy, syrupy and scratchy mess. Sometimes for recreation, can be used as a torture mechanism.
Haha, you should have seen when I went scubing on Cory when he bent over...three whole cubes!!
by shoffnee July 25, 2010
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the quarantined Dallas Texas ambulance parked at Texas Health Resources used to transport the first confirmed case of the boulevard is in the United States.
"Jimmy, did you hear about that guy the is the first confirmed case of Ebola in the United States? I took him to the hospital on walnut lane"

"yes Duane, everyone has heard of it. They took him from those apartments in the ebola rolla a few days ago"
by shoffnee October 7, 2014
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When tech support takes so long wearing you out fixing a problem (or explaining how they are fixing a problem bc they live to talk to another human besides their homegrown robot sex doll) to the point you would literally rather have balls on your face instead.
"Ginger, I am really sorry I haven't sent over that TPS report- the Help Desk has been working on my computer for an hour now. I'm really getting I.T-bagged"
by shoffnee October 14, 2014
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When there is so little meat, and so many other crappy things on a sandwich that you nearly forget what is supposed to be the main ingredient.
Wow Gerardo, when you loaded this up with 1/2 lb of iceberg and half a slice of turkey it doesnt seem so special anymore. Lost in hamslation for realises.
by shoffnee October 7, 2014
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"Hey Timmy, what's going on?"

"Nada Dale, just pluckin that spinach"

"Oh yea, selling a lot of kitten mittens these days?"

"Knittin some right now - backordered through January!"
by shoffnee October 14, 2014
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An unfortunately large dump. Just to pass the brown babe you animaliscally growl and must grab on to the counter/handicapped rails/ your consciousness so tight and the pain causes your knuckles turn white. That rhymes.
"Hey Cindy, did you pick up a date last night? Why are you walking so funny?"

"Joke's on you Julie. I just took a white knuckled growler in your bathroom"

by shoffnee October 7, 2014
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