n. Not in stock but some more are coming; aka: you're going to keel over before they actually get it in stock because they have your money already and don't give a shit if you get the product.
Those bitches at amphotoworld.com said my camera was in stock but it was actually backordered.
by BenAkaTjaden June 27, 2005
something you bought online that is not in stock and you will have to wait months and months to receive your merchandise. you will be very pissed.
wow, the relapse website said my cephalic carnage shirt was in stock when i purchased it, but what i got was an email saying that they received my payment but the item is backordered. god this sucks ass.
by Scott September 19, 2005
Lost in the realm between in stock and out of stock. May take up to a month. losthopeless
My stereo has been on backorder for the past year and a half.
by Dark_Jester March 23, 2005
when you hear that this item has to be backordered, it means you're fucked. often it's a smaller piece infrequently needed for a larger thing, but will be critical for your needs. is not being massively shipped to every convenient location near you, may have fallen out of favor over time. comes from like one place far away, and often takes it's sweet time to travel, because the company seems to not care to expedite it. it's like they don't really care about selling it anymore.
we'll have to backorder those cables/batteries/broken antenna piece /whatever. anything proprietary and rare.
by i a December 27, 2007
The feeling of a dick up your ass from a presumably reputable, albeit asshole, company that doesn't care for the blue-collar working class. Depending on the demand for the product and their mood on that day, they can decide to postpone the back-order from a week to several months.
Damn, Gibson backordered my guitar another four fucking months. Looks like I can't do anything but accept it and wait.
Some B S story or excuse about ordering a part for a car and being told it can't be delivered until hell freezes over ( your shit up a creek)
Your car part is on national backorder , cause the lazy fucks won't make it till after lunch.
by Dalray January 5, 2019
A super hot chic that is desired by so many guys she would never be able to keep up with the demand. Guys have to wait in line to get a chance.
That girl is crazy hot, but I have no chance. She's a backorder bitch.
by T-HUD January 1, 2014