A report made famous in Office Space. One must remember to put a cover sheet on all TPS reports as per the latest memo.
Ummm...yeah....i'm going to need you to go ahead and put cover sheets on all your TPS reports.
by Skeeve January 31, 2006
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As defined in South Park, an episode in which the kids decided to post a false missing ad for Kenny on the milk cartons and a couple with Tolsatic Polarity Syndrome (TPS) claim the son is theirs.
Symptons include:
Speech impetiment of making a frt sound during crying and pronouncing the letter S.
Throwing up after consumption of chili and laxatives.
Ocassional belching.
A habit of telling people you have TPS when it is very obvious every damn second.

This disease is so funny it almost made Cartman claim he can no longer laugh since he "saw something so funny he will never see anything again that is so funny".
I SHSHSHSeem (Seems) to have T.P.ESHSHHSHS! (TPS)
It iSHSHSHS (is) SHSHSHSo (so) SHSHSHSHSad (sad)
by Erik Ehlert January 9, 2008
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Stands for Tayfun's Professional Soccer
A soccer/football game on ROBLOX created by TAYFUN7

Used to be a fire ROBLOX game back in 2011-14

It has really died down now. The only good players are the ones who abuse plag like gay Pain and gay Crin
Uuurrr is also just gay cause he plays apoc.

The best TPS player of all time is probably Betuelman or FrozenSavage
Blacksamsufan1: Hey guys wanna get a scrim for TPS?
CrinandoTorres: Starts to argue with uuurrr with big weird word that nobody understands
Uuurrr123: Countinues to argue with big weird word that nobody understands aswell
Dooofi: Ya lets play!
FrozenSavage: TPS is ded
FuRyLegend: TPS is ded
iiMezutOzil: Im gay I play IFORS so YEAH LETS PLAY!
Picknmixer: Starts to ban people for no reason
Traucos: I eat burritos
Capello: ok
tvyp: wat
Painshinratensei: Im scripting
by aannonnyymmoouuss July 27, 2018
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When you are to drunk in a party and you throw up and piss and shit on yourself at once.
Dude, my Tio Juan totally TPS'd last night in the party.
by The Fuente December 30, 2011
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(Noun) The unique, definitive initialism of "The Phone Show." Read as "The Phone Show."This helpful acronym saves ten keystrokes when refering to Brad Carter's streaming show. Use in the context of "Phone Losers of America" and Cacti Radio.

Commonly misused to refer to the lesser known "Prank Show."

See Cacti Radio's website.
What time is TPS tonight? (Noun)
by tabachi June 15, 2011
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Tim Hortons Positioning System. Similiar to GPS.

Sixth sense every Canadian is born with, used to locate the nearest Tim Hortons.
Billie: "20 hours, no sleep, need CAFFEINE"

Bob:"Well turn left here, my TPS is going off"
by mathraptor September 10, 2009
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Territorial Pissing Syndrome.
Named for the Nirvana song Territorial Pissings in reference to the line 'just because you're paranoid, don't mean they're not after you'
Charatarized by a full-blown case of paranoia with a slight possibility that someone might actually be out to get you.
Me: ...so i concluded that Major League Baseball was reading my 'bad thoughts' via satellite feed, from the microchip the aliens implanted in my neck!

Psychiatrist: Very interesting. A few miligrams haloperidol daily should cure that up. Has anything else been troubling you recently?

Me: Well, I'm pretty sure the religious nut next door is going through my trash trying to find evidence of satanic rituals and gauging my drinking habbits. And, recently, I've seen him stockpiling lighterfluid daily with his pick-up. At this point, I suspect he's planning on burning my house down with me in it.

Psychiatrist: Well, it's not entirely impossible, especially since you have 'Infant Sacrifice, Lord Beelzubub' tattooed on the back of your bald head. However, since you're a complete wackjob, I'm penciling it into your case file under TPS and uping you meds.

Me: Oh cool.
by p@r$e.on July 29, 2010
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