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An electronic or internet-enabled version of Bola. Available as a web site and a smartphone app.

"Have you got ebola?"
" Yes it's on my smartphone here - take a look"
by Fishyrich November 11, 2014
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A deadly disease that became a meme last year because of the internet sensation: Ugandan Knuckles.

Symptoms include:

Pain or aching
Loss of appetite
Sore throat
Red spots on skin
Eye redness
Vomiting blood (internal bleeding)
Coughing blood (internal bleeding)
You do not want Ebola, it will kill you.
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by Bloodthirsty Vampire January 07, 2019
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something people chant while running through the hallways at my school. It is sung just like the Ri-cola commercial
John: *coughs*

Everyone in room: e-bola!!!!!!
by GrandWizardMan123 October 31, 2014
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Something that is bad or unfortunate, particularly when playing video games, often to do with bad luck.
Wow, those textures over there are really ebola. THATS ATCUALLY EBOLA!
by ColmUnitedNatTeam April 05, 2016
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an infectious and generally fatal disease marked by fever and severe internal bleeding, spread through contact with infected body fluids by a filovirus ( Ebola virus ), whose normal host species is unknown.
by Spongebob ◽️ Pants November 09, 2014
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A very deadly disease which the original host is unknown. Ebola was first recognized in 1976. There are four known subtypes of the Ebola virus, Ebola-Zaire which kills 90% of people, Ebola-Sudan which kills 50% of people, Ebola-Ivory Coast, and Ebola Restin which is not fatal in humans. Ebola causes people to spew blood and other fluids out of every orifice of their body, and is transmitted by these fluids.
You have Ebola, have fun spewing out your innards
by MetalMoe May 26, 2004
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"Its a disease on the Discovery Channel, where all your intestines sort of just slip out of your butt."

-Jesse Pinkman
When you say it's contamination, I'm thinking like an Ebola leak, or something.
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by dunejunkie January 04, 2017
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