An electronic or internet-enabled version of Bola. Available as a web site and a smartphone app.

"Have you got ebola?"
" Yes it's on my smartphone here - take a look"
by Fishyrich November 11, 2014
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A level 4 pathogen, the Ebola virus is pound for pound the deadliest disease known to man. Ebola has a mortality rate of over 80%. There have been 4 outbreaks of Ebola and all of them have occured in Africa.
The ebola virus ate away all of his organs and caused internal and external bleeding.
by § July 19, 2004
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actually, the second guy was wrong. Ebola is a completely different virus from Marburg, and the first Marburg outbreak was at a plant that used chimpanzee parts to test vaccines, not a nazi test lab. Basically since chimp DNA is so similar vaccines work the same way which is why they use chimp parts. The Nazis really had nothing at all to do with Ebola. The first ever outbreak of Ebola was in 1976, many years after the Nazis fell out of power. Not that it didn't suck for the Africans or anything. Symptoms in the later phases include detachment of the intestinal lining from its place, hemmorhaging from any or all orifices, liquidation of some internal organs (not from stomach acid by the way) and the mind often slows down to stopping. There are some other rather nasty symptoms but those are the ones that come to mind.
"Hey, look, that guy just shat out his intestines in a huge gush of blood."
"Hmm. After thorough evaluation I have concluded that he has Ebola."
by Fugerko.? November 22, 2003
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A disease in which the Zaire strain could totally own the entire fucking world. 90% casualty rate. it liquifies your collagen, so you skin basically will fall apart or become bruised very easily. It replicates and acts so quickly that you are dead within three weeks of contraction. You spew virus particles, and your blood runs black with the infection.
OMFG i just got ebola!
Wtf Mate!
by Cannibalized May 24, 2005
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A sketch on In Living Color used this word to replace bomb, because
1. Bomb was being overused by white people.
2. Ebola, like bomb, is analogous to mass destruction.
.....It's the ebola!
by Bombman January 27, 2005
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Derogatory word for a woman who sleeps with a lot of men, especially Africans. Implies that the woman spreads her legs faster than the spread of a highly contagious virus and that she's likely diseased.
"Yo dawg you see that fine pair of titties outside the liquor store?"

"Nah homie you don't want none of that. She's ebola."
by k.chisel September 16, 2014
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