Another word for beating you meat or jacking off
Mikey get out the bathroom. Stop making money. Ur gonna break the bank
by 2manybr0ken August 11, 2020
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Slang: a.) Earning money through illegal schemes, selling drugs or the beating of the system. b.) Selling your pussy in exchange for money.
Chico has bookoo bank. He did turn out his beotch to make money.
by FortWorthLatino October 17, 2013
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Friends: Hey Fundo, what do you do for a living?
Fundo: I makes money.
Friends: Why don't you get a job like everyone else?!
by authOOr June 26, 2006
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The general key word term that is searched on Google that bloggers all over the world will fight for. Make money online refers to using Google ads, affiliate programs, and selling direct ads on their websites to make a steady income revenue.
1. I blog to make money online.
2. I vlog to make money online.
3. Bloggers all over the world try to monetize their sites to make money online.
by CASH for COMMENTS dot Com August 28, 2007
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visiting the sperm bank,as a means of supplemental income.
>kevin exits sperm bank<
kevins friends "hey theres kevin,wow, he's making money hand over fist"
by fordman99 February 01, 2008
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When the subject of the conversation is not the primary bread winner in a relationship. Usually a girl who underachieves at work because her partner is the primary wage earner and the extra income/stress isn't necessary.
Jean isn't that bothered, she's just after make-up money.
by grimboj May 12, 2011
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To ob cure financial means utilizing women of prostitution. I.e. being a pimp
Morris is a well established playa "he make a that funny money on dat playboy bunny"

"make that funny money on dat playboy bunny"
by turnasty February 27, 2009
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