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Tits 'n Ass OR Talula National Atletics
"That bitch has some serious TNA" ... OR... "That girl is rockin' TNA...from Aritizia"
by shoRty September 21, 2003
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when your mad or angry
1. he fuckin pissed me off
2. don't piss me off im already mad
by shorty June 12, 2004
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Like a rock the only way it moves is by rolling it down a hill.
Chevy...like a rock!
by Shorty July 25, 2004
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One who is overwhelmingly annoying. Also see faggotron prime, faggotron big, and faggotron small.
I really wish that faggotron would shut his piehole.
by shorty February 03, 2003
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A diesel arab kid with gigantic muscles. The hottest kid alive with a huge penis. A cutie with a booty, a hottie with a body.
Girl 1: Look at that muneeb
Girl 2: I think I'll go finger myself
by shorty June 24, 2004
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Someone whose mind is usually in the gutter (i.e. dirty thoughts)
"Have you seen my spectacles?"
"What??? Testicles?"
"Dirty bird."


Howard Stern is a dirty bird.
by Shorty January 28, 2004
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is anothe word for pussy
Yo this girl gave me some punanie last night and it was wack
by Shorty September 03, 2003
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