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I would like to quote jockstrap...someone who posted earlier.

"He's really not that great.
John Lennon, what can be said, he's not that great, given way too much credit."

And I would like to respond with FUCK YOU!!!! LENNON RULES!!!
This post will be deleted in about 2 days because it "sucks"
by Sgt. Pepper March 12, 2005

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1. A Kick ass Beatles song about an amusement park ride.

2. Charles Manson's messed up belief that the world would end with a race war between blacks and whites where the blacks would kill all of the whites(Except for Manson and his "family" who would be hiding in the bottomless pit by then). Manson states that the problem with the blacks in control is that they wouldn't know what to do because all they've ever known how to do was what "whitey" tole 'em to. So they would seek out Charlie in the bottomless pit and make him king of the world.

3.Pure and total chaos.
When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide
Where I stop and I turn and I go for a ride
Till I get to the bottom and I see you again.
Do you, don't you want me to love you
I'm coming down fast but I'm miles above you
Tell me tell me tell me come on tell me the answer
You may be a lover but you ain't no dancer.

2."Blackie won't know what to do after he's killed whitey, so he'll seek us out. When he finds us he'll be like 'massah, we don't know what to do' and I'll take blackie by the hand and rub his wooley little head and say 'it'll all be okay' and they'll make me their king." ~Charles Manson~

3.After the tickle me elmo hit the shelves it was all Helter Skelter in the shopping centers
by Sgt. Pepper August 07, 2005

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Every country star's dream. on 9/12 there were like 20 country songs on the radio....
terrible day....unless you were a country star...*cough cough* Toby Keith *cough cough*
by Sgt. Pepper May 10, 2005

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Damn kids. They usually hate corporations and the machine...or the man...so they topple the corporations, the man, and the machine by going to hot topic and BUYING...yes BUYING a $40.00 anarchy t-shirt.......I know...it makes no sense.
DAMN THESE MALL GOTHS...damn them to hell.
by Sgt. Pepper May 14, 2005

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You take one part barny the purple dinosaur,add 2 parts H R Puffinstuff, add some LSD and Pot...and you get the Teletubbies
The teletubbies are pure concentrated evil.
by Sgt. Pepper August 07, 2005

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A comedian who happened to be the funniest person ever to walk the earth. Died earlier this year...and the world has been unfunny ever since. He was about to to a special on HBO that would have been fuckin' awesome...but now...it will never happen. Go figure...everyone who ever does something good for the world dies before they hit 30.
"I got a ant farm...them little bastards didn't grow shit." ~Mitch Hedberg~
by Sgt. Pepper May 10, 2005

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Yet another overpatriotic asshole who's just cashing in on 9/11 like the rest of the country music industry
Courtesy of the Red White and Blue
American Soldier

What is this shit? Listen to real music
by Sgt. Pepper May 10, 2005

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