Chiefly Australian slang. A fight or disagreement. Often denotes physical conflict.
First holiday with the Missus and had only one barny (albeit a drunken one).
by rustyspring March 27, 2007
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A mainlander, not from the Islands. Usually used by native Hawaiians in the surf culture as a term for a guy who is a "farm boy" type, especially surfers who come from mainland U.S. to surf in Hawaii.
Local islander to tourist: "Go home, barny!"
One island local to another local about a tourist: "That dude's a barny, bra'"
by OogieBobby G September 15, 2008
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The head of a Japanese Shiba Inu Dog.

But can also be used to describe any dogs head.
Look at that dog, it has a small barnis

My dog tony has a cute barnis.

That shiba's barnis is a different color then the other dogs.
by Gortzworth May 31, 2011
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That completely retarded "dinosaur" that you watched as a kid and thought he was his friend until you figured out there was cocaine in his tail.
Barnie was terrifying because he was on crack
by qu33r b0i November 25, 2017
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Term referred in Planetside for the Vanu Sovereignty (for their color).
Shit! We are getting zerged by the barnies!

Damn barnies are fucking cheap with their mag-mowers.
by Dr. Demented January 15, 2004
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