protective underwear for a guy. looks like briefs with no backing. holds up the balls and penis so that there's no discomfort during sports or working out.
i wear a jockstrap when i play basketball
that guy has such a small package i bet he doesn't need a jockstrap.
by dave August 5, 2003
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underwear for males, that can look like a thong,brief, or boxer and is used to protect the males balls, and penis while playing a sport.
today after basketball practice we all through our jockstraps at the nerds.
by aeb1 October 5, 2006
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A word used to describe someone who lacks common sense and has poor social manners. They like to gloat about themselves and their achievements, even if that means demoralizing others.
Bob: "dayyumm, this girl's the epitome of ugly. HAHA... the compete opposite of me"

Mary: "wow, this guy is the biggest jockstrap"

Joe: "what a JS"
by ongbayz December 20, 2012
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1) a 'jock', or any athletic overachiever.
2) a device that is worn by males to protect their genitalia while participating in athletic activities.
that jockstrap is such a fucking neckhead.
by john moritz August 25, 2003
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a alternative term for a Scotsman. A Scottish person, the generally have ginger hair or pubes, have an alcohol problem, have a very fatty diet, and speak and incomprehendable dialect
Shut up you fucking jockstrap bastard
by jockstrap74 February 28, 2011
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the device a man puts around his groin to protect it
by shut up March 1, 2003
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a jock. you know one of thise stupid dudes that play football in high school and date whores... ughm i mean cheerleaders.
that jockstrap was trying to look cool in front of his girlfriend by calling the skin head a fag. big mistake. afterwards, the skin curb stompped him and killed him, then fucked his girfriend and killed her too.
by oifoundedoi August 14, 2005
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