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protective underwear for a guy. looks like briefs with no backing. holds up the balls and penis so that there's no discomfort during sports or working out.
i wear a jockstrap when i play basketball
that guy has such a small package i bet he doesn't need a jockstrap.
by dave August 05, 2003
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A garment made of stretchy cotton intended primarily to embarass teenaged boys in gym class and secondarily to secure their wobbly bits from getting jostled.
Boys, if you don't wear your jock strap, then when you make that turnaround jump shot, you'll leave your family jewels on the floor.
by Jockwoof February 18, 2003
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First called a "BIKE JOCKEY STRAP" in the 1890s,it was sold to bicyclists to prevent NUT ACHES while riding a bike on bumpy, unpaved roads. BIKE became a brand name and there famous and popular garment was known by most as a JOCKEY-STRAP until about the 1970s when its started to be known as just a JOCK.
Jocks (or Athletic Supporters) were required equipment for all 7th. through 12 grade boys during P.E. class at most all of the nation's schools until about 1985 a trend toward loose nuts (the boxer rebellion) may have been the downfall of the JOCK-
strap in America.
"Kowinski ! Where's your Jock-strap ?
by Jack Ofealot September 25, 2003
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underwear for males, that can look like a thong,brief, or boxer and is used to protect the males balls, and penis while playing a sport.
today after basketball practice we all through our jockstraps at the nerds.
by aeb1 October 05, 2006
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A word used to describe someone who lacks common sense and has poor social manners. They like to gloat about themselves and their achievements, even if that means demoralizing others.
Bob: "dayyumm, this girl's the epitome of ugly. HAHA... the compete opposite of me"

Mary: "wow, this guy is the biggest jockstrap"

Joe: "what a JS"
by ongbayz December 20, 2012
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A jockstrap is a gay male undergarment, typically worn by gay teens. It is typically made out of elastic and cotton, appearing as briefs without a back. No longer just for sports, now it is popular among all hot teen boys, mostly gays.
He is wearing a jockstrap!

He must be gay! I would totally fuck his ass!
by Gaytwink15 July 03, 2017
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