a dark vomit-like sludge that is violently ejected from the body after a long night of heavy drinking way beyond the victim's usually high tolerance combined with copious amounts of spicy (hot) and spiced (flavourful) food that is so disgusting that the ejection and substance leaves the victim weaker than recovering from the alcohol poisoning while not in hospital; similar to but not being bile.
Dude, last night Jake and I went out for dinner. We each had 2 bottles of red; I had tandoori chicken and he had tikka masala. By 1am we both had concentrated evil coming outta us all over the place. I think I pulled a coupla muscles just releasing that mess. It was seriously weaksauce. Then I had to get up and go to this meeting for 8:30! It seriously became a sit'n.
by 1.tonie May 12, 2008
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