The term "wigga" is a combination of the word white and the racial slur "nigger." Which has evolved to "nigga" with the common reference from African-American to African-American. The word basically refers to Caucasian males who have a psychological mindset, which makes them think that they are African Americans. They typically dress in hip-hop clothing (2 to 3 times their size), which they refer to as "urban wear". These people are typically wealthy Caucasian males, which live in the suburbs and do not have any affiliation or any idea of what the ghetto is like.

White (Caucasian)+Nigga (Nigger)= WIGGA
Eminem is considered to some African Americans as a "wigga". Although some accept him because of his lyrical talent.
by THE TRUTH December 27, 2003
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Picture this:
A fat, red-faced, spotty-faced white boy from the suburbs dressed in an over-sized FUBU jacket, fake Forces, Evisu jeans, a do-rag, a G-Unit hat and about 2 tons of the fakest gold sh*t i have ever seen, walking around like he's popped his kneecap outta place, with his "posse" (who are all about half his size and have been bullied into hangin with him) and "gangsta attitude" (my ass). That is what i call a wigga.
"what tha F**K!!!! look at dat wigga walkin roun dis place thinkin he bad. go bus his ass!!!"
by jess iz sexy January 15, 2005
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a white (caucasian) person who thinks of themself as "black", and that they fit the inner city black stereotype. usually live in the suburbs and dress "black" pretending to be ghetto or from the hood, even though they have probably never been there and know nothing of what its like.
"someone needs to tell that wigger that hes white"
by im white and i know i am July 27, 2005
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a true wigger is a suburban white kid, who talks and acts ghetto, but not so much dresses in urban clothes companies. many kids who do not talk or act ghetto but wear urban clothes(me) get a bad rep because of these people making an ass of themselves. if you are white, and you grew up in the hood, you are not a wigger because that is all you know. a white suburban kid acting ghetto is just as bad as a black suburban kid acting ghetto if you ask me.
i know i am not from the ghetto so i do not talk or walk ghetto but i wear hip hop styled clothes, does that make me a wigger? no, that kid who just called his white wigger friend nigga is a wigger, not me.
by educator of the haters April 6, 2005
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A wigga is a white guy wit' a bit of a swagger (walk),
bit of an attitude and maybe even talk. Most probably listens to Hip-Hop/Rap. And most feel comfortable around the females. Though... I'm not sure about them wanting to be black. According the bit i put in example, i feel eminem doesnt think of himself as a wigga, because im sure he isnt trying to be black... why would he why would anyone think they wanna be a different colour... there is no difference in the person. jus the colour...
Eminem, 'and i jus do not have the patience to deal with these cocky cauccasions who think im some wigga who jus tries to be black cause i talk with an accent and grabbin my balls'.
by andy_jazz September 20, 2005
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A white boy who lives well off, tries to act mainstream afrocentric, doesnt know how to struggle or what the struggle is, doesnt know, depression, poverty, grievance, or their inner problems that most inner city kids and some other teens have to go through.

They have and they think there cooler than everybody and they mask and dont act themselves. Wiggers have no work ethic and beg there parents for everything.

They have well off family, a gangsta wouldnt, dad usually goes to work in a suit everyday and mom probably works at the hospital or something.

A gangstas mom wouldnt do anything and do what ever she can to put food on the table without working or yet she would slang crack, the dad would probably be gone, in jail, be a major alchoholic, or slam heroin or just be a loser, or beat the kids or just abandon them.

Just becuase you dress like a hip-hop artist when you are white doesnt make you a "wigga" some people actually do that because they like the style and it fits them. Some people who are white and do that doesnt make them a wigga because they might know what the struggle is like. Then thats fine. If you act "black" and dont come from pain and you are white and dress black and ACT like black and beg your parents for everything, then i feel sorry for you.

If you know the struggle and you dress "black" but you dont act "black" then I think your fine
Those wigga(s) on the movie grind, Wiggaswho live in the suburbs of chicago, missoula, rich parts new jersey, detroit, dallas, anchorage, etc and act like what they see on tv and think its real, theres more to life
by Williamster August 8, 2006
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99% of the population of Johnston, Rhode Island USA. We do not live in the ghetto people!!!!!!! Stop tryin to act like it is one
White boys rollin around in they parents lexus bumpin 50 Cent/G Unit, have they seats like 5 feet from the steering wheel and they have they arm at full extension lookin like they tryin hard to hold onto that thing.
by Ruthless G April 15, 2005
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