318 definition by sean

It's a slang Cork pronoun. Cork is a place in Ireland where they all talk incomprehensibly, and anyone from the rest of the country just nods, smiles and backs away.
"A'right boyo, didja see the langer o'er there like?"


Hello there you, did you see that nasty person over there?
by Sean December 09, 2004

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Somehow people seem to think of him as a one hit wonder. Buy the record ass, its pretty good. And oh yeah dumbass ever hear of "Deliverance", Yeah stfu.
Bubba is a pretty bomb rapper
by Sean January 26, 2004

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an incredibly funny cartoon, created by a deliciously funny man.
damn, that snarbles cartoon was funny.
by sean November 15, 2003

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1) The point in your night when you know what Chings Meefy is.
2) High
3) Drunk
I am Chings Meefy.
I am so meefed right now.
Meefy Sir Chings Himself.
by Sean February 06, 2005

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Tour started in 1995 as an answer to the commercialization of Lollapalooza. Now, just an excuse to mass market punk rock as a fashion trend to adolescents.
The warped toour lineup has gotten progressively worse each summer.
by sean April 22, 2005

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Derogative word for describing Norwegians.
Go back to Norway you stupid Weeg!
by Sean March 18, 2004

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Honda Engine found inside Prelude's stock.
Amendolare's H22 is boostin now
by Sean October 15, 2003

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