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A game invented at a fraternity house in Monmouth University where four people stand at the corners at a table and each have three red cups in front of them (if the floors have tiles they must stand withing there designated tile). The point of the game is to be the last one standing. Pretty much one player starts throwing a pong ball into a opponents cup and this goes clockwise in turns. A player can not shoot at the same person two times in a row and if they do then they are penalized a cup. When a ball is made in the cup they remove it and drink a beer. The first one out of the game is the asshole and has to do WHAT EVER CHALLENGE THE WINNER PUTS ON HIM. This game could get really wild if you have a great set of players.
Some examples of what the winner of four corners can do to the asshole is make him or her:
-poke the ass crack of a girl and scream poke
-accidently fall and motor boat a girl
-go streaking down the block
-Pee on gaffineys door
-steal a go kart outside the 24 hour lab
-make out with the first girl that says your name
by That frat boy from MU February 26, 2010
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A person who's of Ireland, Welsh, Scottish and English blood.
Andrew: I'm pure German.
Jesse: I'm Russian, French and Native American.
Cody: I myself am a Scottsman with some Sweedidsh, Irish and Armenian.
Jenny: Four corner.
All: How does that happed?
Jenny: Marrying for love I guess.
by Darth_`Eowyn November 09, 2006
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An area in Silver Spring which is the intersection of University Boulevard and Colesville Road. Don't mess, it is freakin' badass. Known for it's superiority to Olney and cool kids that live there.
"Yo, b-dawg, you wanna go walk in Four Corners and talk to homeless people."
by Zak December 08, 2003
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