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An Amish horse-drawn buggy not built for standard family use, they are used for the purpose of finding and woo-ing a wife. They are "sportier"(gasping and holding back a laugh) than the common Amish buggys seen carrying families.
"I saw a Trans Amish buggy riding down the street the other day. The guy had no beard, guess he must be looking for a wife."
by scorpioeric August 20, 2007
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Voluntarily blinding one or more innocent drivers, in order not to miss the opportunity to turn on your own high beams and blind some jackass who won't dim his high beams for any oncoming traffic.
"Man, I felt bad for the other folks on the road tonight, but one asshole made me have to dish out a little collateral blindage."
by scorpioeric November 15, 2007
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abnormally long nipples, especially when aroused they will protrude twice the length of the average woman's nipples.
Damn, look at the meat bullets on that girl, I would try to nibble on one but it might choke me
by scorpioeric July 10, 2009
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A phrase meaning you have to flaunt it and act tough if you want to bring your "game" or look cool.
Bobby asked, "Hey Eric, why do you always walk like your pimpin?" Hey man, you got to swing it to bring it!
by Scorpioeric April 02, 2008
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Similar in theory to an odometer, a vagometer is a device that measures how much use a woman's vagina has had; how worn out it is.
I can't believe she finally single again, I'd ask her out but she has way too much mileage on the vagometer.
by scorpioeric October 14, 2009
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The act of flushing the toilet too early, having underestimated how badly you actually had to urinate, then having to wait until the tank fills again so you can flush the rest down.
Hey, what took you so long in there?" " Damn, I can't believe I just had pre-mature e-flushulation!" "I didn't think I had to piss that bad.
by scorpioeric July 30, 2011
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big mexican woman: A big, fat mexican woman
When putting down a guy's wife/girlfriend....."Hey man, I heard you've been driving a B.M.W.!

Used particularly around southwestern military bases, where mexican women are hanging around, and trying to hook GIs
by SCORPIOERIC August 10, 2006
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