hard, protruding, erect, very visible nipples as seen through blouse or top
Man, did you see that hot bitch? She had her high beams on!
by spiderbesideher December 5, 2008
It's what you say to a woman whose nipples are enlarged and hard.
You're beautiful when you got your high beams on.
by LangueLongue July 14, 2010
visibly erect or aroused nipples on a woman's breasts. Usually seen through an article of clothing, such as a t-shirt.
She must be cold... her high-beams are on.
by joespagg February 18, 2006
This term is used when the nipples of a woman can be obviously seen through her clothing. The larger the protrusion the brighter the beam.
I was over at the frozen food section and I noticed alot of High Beams.
by Rawhide January 12, 2006
When one hotboxes their room to such a degree that rays of light are visible from the window.
Me and Ryan smoked so much yesterday that we saw high beams.
by TheWhiteOG November 13, 2019
On your nerves, getting very very annoyed
“This man got me on high beams.... call me and tell me you’re in the hospital.”

“I was talking to this girl and I was getting on high beams I had to tell her I was pregnant and left.... she was so confused and questioned my gender. I just walked away.”

*annoying act by one person/thing*
High Beams
by ColaBottleMami May 17, 2021