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To master bait means to gain mastery over the complex and intricate art of baiting a hook.
Timmy: Wow, you sure caught a lot of perch today!

Tommy: Yeah, it's cause I learned to master bait. Wanna see?

Timmy: Er... no thanks.
by scodder April 07, 2013

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Pedobear is a friendly bear who rides a moped.

He often gives rides to kids.
"Hi," said pedobear to little Jimmy, "I'm looking for a lost puppy. Would you like to get on my moped and help me find him?"

'Sure," said Jimmy, brushing back his blond curls, "do you have any candy?
by scodder June 06, 2010

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A nignogatron is a device for accelerating persons of the Afro-American persuasion to near the speed of light and colliding them into each other.
Neal was very proud when he finished the nignogatron in his basement, but his hopes were cruelly dashed when he couldn't find any volunteers.
by scodder April 15, 2010

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Gooch cheese is the delicious sludge that drips from a sweaty grundle.
Mike asked his friend Geoff to bend over so that he could harvest his gooch cheese for a delicious grilled gooch cheese sandwich.
by scodder July 21, 2010

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Master of Bation is a graduate degree in whacking it.

The Ivy League for Masters of Bation are the whorehouses of Nevada.
"Did you hear Bobbi got her Master of Bation?" asked Betti.

"Ooh cool!" squealed Debbi. "What did she do for her exam?"

"She jacked off an entire football team, and then finished off with a handstand and a backspring," said Betti.
by scodder July 07, 2010

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Ped O'Bear is a happy Irish bear who loves kids.

As a special treat he'll let them suck on the beef jerky lollipop he keeps in his pants.
Lil Jessie: Wow, this lollipop tastes great!

Ped O'Bear: Keep sucking and you'll get to the delicious cream filling.

Lil Jessie: Oh boy!
by scodder March 23, 2013

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Mourning wood is a boner you get at a funeral.
Frank was quite embarrassed when he got mourning wood at his friend Fritz's funeral.

However, he did get some nice winks from the widow.
by scodder May 30, 2010

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