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Maestrobation is the whacking off of the maestro before a concert.

Often assigned to someone from the fiddle section because of their strong and supple wrists.
"Oh Cecilia," said the maestro, "I believe it's time for some maestrobation."

"Yes, maestro," said Cecilia as she began to play his organ.
by scodder June 20, 2010
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Danny's date was going fine until Edie's pants came off and, overcome by minge cringe, he ran screaming from the room.
by scodder April 22, 2010
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"Mister Lube" is the anus lubricator in a gay whorehouse.
Your butt hole's a little dry," said Alan. "I think it's time for Mister Lube."
by scodder July 01, 2010
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To master bait means to gain mastery over the complex and intricate art of baiting a hook.
Timmy: Wow, you sure caught a lot of perch today!

Tommy: Yeah, it's cause I learned to master bait. Wanna see?

Timmy: Er... no thanks.
by scodder April 07, 2013
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Masterful bation is masturbation which displays creativity and expertise.
When Cyril shot his wad through a flaming hoop ten feet away, Claudia was totally impressed with his masterful bation.

They were wed soon after.
by scodder May 09, 2010
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Masterly bation is where a servant whacks off his master.
"I say, Jenkins," said Master Dobbs, "I believe it's time for some masterly bation."

"Certainly, sir" said Jenkins. "The white gloves?"

"Of course," said Master Dobbs indignantly as he unbuttoned his trousers, "were you brought up in a barn?"
by scodder May 19, 2010
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Master of Bation is a graduate degree in whacking it.

The Ivy League for Masters of Bation are the whorehouses of Nevada.
"Did you hear Bobbi got her Master of Bation?" asked Betti.

"Ooh cool!" squealed Debbi. "What did she do for her exam?"

"She jacked off an entire football team, and then finished off with a handstand and a backspring," said Betti.
by scodder July 07, 2010
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