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A pants hampster is a hampster that totally studly guys keep in their pants to impress hot chicks.
Tyrone showed Marcella his pants hampster.

Seconds later she was naked, chowing down on his trouser trout.
by scodder May 13, 2010
A diseased wombat is a wombat whore which has acquired STD's like herpes, chlamydia, clap, syphilis and cooties.
Ed was devastated when he found out that his new marsupial girlfriend, Wendy Wombat, was a diseased wombat.
by scodder May 11, 2010
Chef boyardump means taking a dump after eating chef boyardee.

Usually accompanied by terrible gas and diarrhea.
After eating four cans of beefaghetti, Namibio had to take a huge chef boyardump, with massive colon blow.
by scodder May 5, 2010
Pangolinism is a sexual obsession with pangolins, a scaly anteater.

A terrible addiction.
Tesco suspected his friend Rupert of pangolinism, but what gave it away was the jars of ants and the acrid smell of pangolin jizz.
by scodder May 15, 2010
A brown avalanche is the fecal equivalent of a golden shower.
Hank gave Cecilia $50 for a brown avalanche.

She climbed to the top of a stepladder and gave him his money's worth.
by scodder June 4, 2010
"Did you screw my duck?" is what to say if you're walking through a park and see someone person screwing a duck.

A good follow up is to demand $50, and make them think they're getting off lightly.
Spencer saw Doofus screwing a duck by the duck pond, and said "Did you screw my duck?"

"Yes," whimpered Doofus.

"You know the drill," said Spencer sternly.

Doofus handed over $50 and scampered away, soiling himself lightly as he ran.
by scodder June 6, 2010
Filthy filth is filth so filthy you want to blind yourself.
When Trevor found Scott's cache of "Pedophile And Shaved Goat Magazine", he screamed "Filthy filth!", and tried to gouge his eyes out.
by scodder June 27, 2010