he is the most profound boy . he don't care for nothing ,keeps his circle small. difficult to understand.
everything sounds very dull but in this darkness can be so much luv -very intense in any way with a lottt of passion. unique in his own way - sometimes his humor can only be funny becauseee it is so unpleasant . a rafael is very cool
How you can be attracted to a Rafael? i donno , maybe you're connected with him
by la.española March 11, 2019
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Everybody else is talking about Rafael being very explicit, but I have a diffrent definition.

Rafael is a sweet person. He can be very awkward at times but is really cool. If your his girlfriend/boyfriend then your very lucky, he'll treat you right (hopefully). Rafael is very sweet, and will be a kind boyfriend.
Rafaels gf/bf: I love Rafael, he's so sweet and nice 💜!

Rafael gfs/bfs friend: Bruh, you've said that a thousand times. "He's the best boyfriend, blah blah blah"

Rafaels bf/gf: Ughh, shut up! He really is sweet though.
by Qdjrkf April 6, 2019
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Damm there’s a lot to say but I’ll keep it short, Rafael is the most kind, beautiful, heart warming and talented boy. He is very attractive and will never let a girl down and by that I mean that he’s too kind to disrespect a girl. He’s also good at the sport soccer/football.
Have you heard or that beautiful guy that everyone’s talking about?
Yeah of course his name is Rafael
by If you know you knowww April 22, 2019
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Rafael is someone who is cool, funny, cool, and yes.

Normally people named Rafael will be better than anyone else, unless they admit to not being like that.

Rafaels also like to eat Pizza and watch movies. They are known for being funny and stupid and sometimes annoying.

They are better than most people.

Rafaels are normally reffered to as "Raf" or "Rafy".
Rafael is so cool.
HAHAHAHA nice one Rafael!
by marcus the second June 12, 2005
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He's the best thing that could happen. He's a smart, funny, chill, intellectual person. You would want to hang out with him, he will protect you no matter what. If he is in love with you, he will do anything in his power to keep you happy. He might be quiet sometimes, but that's because he has a past that is mystery for everyone. Once you get to know him he is pure cuteness. Be patient with him, You wont regret loving him. Oh and he's the God of weed.
Rafael is such an amazing person
by _Just_Me_duh_ January 4, 2019
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Rafael is always looking for different ways to help and care for others. Rafael might seem annoying from time to time but he is very love able and cares for others more than him self.Rafael cares way to much and sometimes loses what he loves most but Rafael is very kind, cute, love able, and he also loves to be with you no matter what. Rafael will never cheat or be disrespectful to his loved one.
Girl: “have you seen Rafael today?”
Other girl “Yes he is very kind and thoughtful
by ;3469976 November 11, 2018
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Rafael is kind, smart, and extremely funny. He helps his friends and always cheers them up. Rafael is handsome and creative. He will be there for you and will make sure you are safe. Try being friends with Rafael! :)
Girl 1: "OMG! Did you see that guy?! He helped me up when I fell!"
Girl 2: "That was nice... hey, do you think he's a Rafael?"
by #awesomegurl@urbandictionary November 8, 2019
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