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He is very funny,cool,loud,cute and smart. Rafael will be a very succesful person in life. He is a nice guy to be around with too. he is just an adorable and lovable boy.
"Hey did you see that boy over there?!"

"Yea! He looks like a Rafael!"
by Yo momma 24/7 October 07, 2013
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Rafael is someone who is cool, funny, cool, and yes.

Normally people named Rafael will be better than anyone else, unless they admit to not being like that.

Rafaels also like to eat Pizza and watch movies. They are known for being funny and stupid and sometimes annoying.

They are better than most people.

Rafaels are normally reffered to as "Raf" or "Rafy".
Rafael is so cool.
HAHAHAHA nice one Rafael!
by marcus the second June 12, 2005
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El chico más maravilloso que encontraras en el mundo. Te enamorará con tal solo una mirada..sus labios harán que te derritas, y te enamora todos los días sin pensarlo. Su forma de ser es especial y es único. ♥️
Sus ojos ven más alla de lo que en verdad eres, se ven como un Rafael

“Eres rara

Eso es bonito” ☺️❣️-Rafa
by niña.stacey January 30, 2018
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Rafael is the most handsomest, he is a star football athlete, he has the best hair and is the most funniest person you have probably ever met. He is a good companion to be around. He is the Mexican Thor. all the ladies love him but he's taken... he makes his girl friend crazy because he is so great and he is someone you want to keep. He likes dangerous things like motorcycles and street fighting.
Girl 1: Omg Rafael is so rad! like does he have a girlffriend?.. because he is like the Mexican Thor!
Girl 2: Girl Rafael has a girlfriend, you have no chance.
Girl 1: aww shoot... I guess I'll go back to jimmy.....
by iloveart4ever January 01, 2019
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The god of marijuana and all things great.Gets high just about everyday and loves to party.Has a ginormously huge cock similair to the size of kimbo slice wich has many nicknames such as the black hitler,kimbo jr.,the beast of the east,the jawbreaker,the tank in the pants,the black mamba,the anaconda,the jew strangler,and el pito grande.those are only some of the many names for the incredibly huge bulge in his pants.Rafael can fight so dont fuck with him.He is easy to spot because there is usually fine ass girls with big tits and big asses around him.
Dont fuck with the Rafael
by Kimbo jr. June 05, 2009
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That fucking red ninja turtle whose banging the girl of your dreams.
Jake: Bro, did you hear?
Shawn: What?
Jake: Sarah's going with some dude named Rafael.
Shawn: Rafael? Isn't that the name of that red ninja turtle?
Jake: Uh...yeah I think so.
Shawn: Fucking ninja turtles.


Grunt #69: Boss, Rafael just destroyed all of your warriors!
Shredder: TURTTTLEEESS!!!!!
by Thisnamebetterbefree February 13, 2011
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