A very calm and sometimes quiet girl, but once you get to know her you will see how loud and fun she is to be around. Gets frustrated easily, but gets over it. Doesn't give a crap of girls who annoy her. Very few people she trusts. Is very artistic and creative. Usually has lots of confidence in other people but most times not in her self. Is a very beautiful girl who most guys would not notice her. But when they do they will be head over heals. Serena is surely a beautiful name.
"Serena is such A beautiful name."

"Serena is serene just like the meaning of her name."
"Serena is very beautiful and fine to be around with."
by Serena B. July 12, 2018
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She is a young and extremely beautiful female that any guy would be lucky to have. She usually has long hair that is really soft and she has beautiful eyes that you would want to stare at forever. If you happen to get yourself a Serena then cuddling is the best thing that you will want. If you find yourself involved with a Serena make sure to never let her go because she won't be left alone for very long.
Guy 1: Hey bro, wanna hang out tonight?

Guy 2: I can't. I'm going to hang with my girlfriend Serena.

Guy 1: Awwww man! I need to get myself a Serena.
by Buddy31 March 6, 2013
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The most beautiful girl in the world, who has class, fashion, yet is also sporty. No one can rival her in beauty, style, cuteness, friendliness, sweetness, kindness, generosity, and basically is an all-around fantastic person! Many other people are jealous of her awesomeness (Note: The people who dislike this definition.), and even her friends wish they could be like her. She is one of those rare kinds of girls who can go through a mud-slide, be thrown by a tornado, wade through a swamp, and come out looking like she just got done getting photos taken of her for the cover of the Vogue Magazine.
"That girl Serena? She is so beautiful! I wish I could learn how she looks so great all the time..."
by im.so.sleepy0101 January 14, 2018
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serena is the most funniest girl . she is smart hot , beautiful , kind girl . once you see look at her you just can't get your eyes off her . she has a heart bigger than anyone's . she is the best girlfriend and best friend any guy can ever have . serena is loyal , freaky , and has a sexy body . serena is the perfect girl for any guy and who ever dates serena is the luckiest guy ever . her hugs can make your horrible day to one of the best days ever . serena's smile is the most gorgeous smile you can ever see . If you ever get to be with serena know your the luckiest man on the earth .
Guy 1; fuck I want serena as my girl

Guy 2; I know she is hot

Guy 1; she is more than hot
by smartypeople March 14, 2018
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Means serene. Calm. Peaceful. Speaks her mind. Female name. Not always the center of attention, but always wants to be. Mature. VERY mature. Usually has older friends. Makes good decisions, most of the time. Usually has one or two friends that she can trust the most. Couldn't live without music. Couldn't live without her mom OR dad. Cares for many people. Doesn't put up with crap. Very sensitive. Mildly attractive. Her friends can variate from nerds to gangstas. Tries to befriend everyone she meets. Prejudice against certain types of people, but is glad she was born that way. Loves having many friends. Get's jealous not very easily, but if she does than she will take action. Get's annoyed by non-mature people (for her age group). She makes people think she doesn't want a relationship but inside truly does. Keeps most things inside that would effect other people in a negative way, except for that friends she can trust the most and talk to about everything. Just genuinely a good person.
Hey, you know that Serena girl?

Yeah, shes pretty cool.

Yeah. She's really nice too, if you get to know her.

Really? I think I just will.
by adamlambertforever March 12, 2010
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Serena is usually a thick female that will care for you and give her as much love as humanly possible,even when times are rough she will still love and support her for as long as you are with her❤
Friends:yo are we gonna chill this week?

Boyfriend:nah dude I can't.

Friend:why so?

Boyfriend:because im chilling with my adorable babygirl serena.

Friend:pff lucky😧
by Kiyoshi12 January 8, 2019
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