53 definitions by sammy

pak is the hottest guy in the whole world!
by sammy March 11, 2005
one of the best bands everr..O.A.R.
by sammy March 16, 2005
Ahh..watch out it's a biatrist!
Johny, is going out with a fat ugly biatrist.
by sammy September 29, 2004
usually referring to a person of west indian decent...aka from trinidad/guyana!!

by sammy June 29, 2003
Basically a boyfriend, but much older (30+).
"My Mom's manfriend payed me $10 to clean my room!" - Jamie
by sammy April 16, 2004
extremely tiny. this phrase was derived from the movie Cheats.
Applebee writes crazy small.
by sammy February 27, 2005
An older plastic looking chick found groaping unsuspecting males at the bar. Usually accompanied by their daughter, and or other cougar friends.
Yo Mike, I shagged that cougar from the bar last night.
by sammy March 25, 2003