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Nice gal, she cares for others ,loves to be in control, likes people who admire her and show her attention, short gal ,
Yei was talking to her boyfriend about her day
by sammy May 1, 2018
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Another one of the best bands ever! No one can or will match their sound...EVER. Rancid comes frome the last tour name Operation Ivy used with the Rancid members, OPERATION IVY SMELLS RANCID.
Rancid- Little Sammy was a punk rocker. His mother never understand him.
by sammy June 15, 2006
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a lover (italian slang)

someone who falls in love easily
''are you a servente?''
''hes a servente''
''what a servente''
by sammy March 12, 2005
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''are you a servente?''
''hes a servente''
by sammy March 12, 2005
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dingleberries (large ones) on the ass fur of a dog. usually found when bathing the dog.
Oh damn, Sparky's bowdagget's look like punching bags...uhh..wait...
by sammy November 16, 2004
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Some redneck slut from America who thinks he can solve marriages and shit but really he just loves the Arizona Asshole! Makes a great prank call soundboard though:)
Doctor Phil howz it going?
Your blue eyed and bushy tailed!
CATHY, I wanted you to start living as a gay women!
by sammy April 28, 2003
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to express understanding of a complicated subject, to show that all has become clear.
Annabel "we gotta cotch at Ben Crouchers, init"
Hatty "but we is sposed 2 go to da pub tho"
Sammy "Ben Crouchers is a dam pub, foo'"
Hatty "O, sincere blud!"
by sammy April 21, 2005
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