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A lower class of human being, posessing a low I.Q, with a higher ability to irritate and generally piss you the fuck off.
by whoever August 7, 2004
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A word that someone calls you when they had enough of your bullsh*t
HEy Bob!
Yeah. What you want.
your an ingrate. STUPID!
by ETHAn Hunr44z January 23, 2019
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Friendly, accommodating and often outwardly pleasant however harbors a deep resentment towards the ways of the world. You cannot give empathy to or trust a backstabbing ingrate. Everything you share will be repeated to others and used against you in one way or another. A backstabbing ingrate will always return to what they know best; often a white trash upbringing surrounded by alcoholism and family disfunction. When you feel the sting of betrayal you know you have met a backstabbing ingrate.
I am not interested in what she does anymore and don't care what happens to her. She is poor white trash and a backstabbing ingrate, and always will be.
by Cirkle k October 12, 2011
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That one idiot who uses the cheese grater the wrong way.

Incorrectly using the cheese grater.
"Stop being such a blond ingrate and turn the fucking cheese grater around."
by TheabsoluteShit February 15, 2015
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When yo not stalking, but hang where your new unmet friends you seen on social hang. Suddenly you part of their life. Ingrates forever.

**ingrateful. I poured a coffee over his social media dog and he still not notice me.
This is Mary O. She is on morning tv. Saw her on Insta and we accidentally met at our local cafe. Now we ingrates and married with 4 babies.
by Zake14 January 1, 2021
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